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The Tender Mercy of the Court to Trusts and Corporations Which Are Ruining Small Competitors.

Editor Helber had the following scorching editorial as a leader in the last issue of the Neue Washtenaw Post:

Whom do you desire as supreme our judge? This is a question of great importance in these days when trusts spring like mushrooms from the earth, and it is to be expected that in the near future questions of the highest importance will be brought before this tribunal for decision. Questions that effect the well-being of the people, their rights and their freedom.

In a time, when the highest court of justice renders the final decision, in every question of dispute between individuals, or between individuals and corporations or trusts, it is highly important that we select men for this high position who combine the most rigid sense of justice with love for their fellow man, so that they will ever have an eye to the wellbeing of the people and protect them in their rights. freedom and happiness, instead of depriving them of their independence and living and turn them over to the tender mercies of trusts and monopolies, who are draining the masses and running the middle classes and the proprietors of small businesses, forcing them down into the ranks of servitors.

Dear reader, this is no fancy sketch, it is not empty air, but naked truth, conditions that the American people have been compelled to endure for sometime. The great monopolies are entering every avenue of business and are rapidly and surely ruining all small competitors - men highly endowed, by nature fitted to be leaders, must look on patiently while every hope of independence (for which every human heart feels a longing) is taken from them and their fellowmen. If these conditions continue, and we regret to say this appears to be the case, this country will soon contain only millionaires an poor, powerful and oppressed, masters and servants.

When a Rockafeller, during a period of a few years can accumulate hundreds of millions of dollars, and still continues to scheme how he may extract more hundreds of millions from his suffering fellowmen by endearing some article of necessity to the poor, of which he has exclusive control, what do you suppose will become of us? What conditions do you suppose this will lead to?

Judge Grant, who has been a member of this court during the past 12 years, generally ruled in favor of trusts and corporations and against individuals whose rights it was his duty to respect. He seeks a renomination. The millionaires whose interests he has safeguarded during the past years desire his re-election. Do you also desire it, dear readers? Do you wish to lend your aid and help place him in a position where he can render still greater service to trusts and railroads and transfer the last vestige of rights belonging to individuals into the hands of trusts.

The county convention will take place on the 16th of this month where delegates are to be selected to attend the state convention and it is to be hoped that the men selected will vote against his renomination. Should he be renominated, as is to be feared, we believe he will be defeated if the democrats will select a man who is worthy of the confidence of the people. We favor the nomination of Judge Van Zile, of Detroit, because we believe he possesses a heart responsive to the wants and necessities of the people.