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Frozen To Death

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George Milligen Found Dead Near the County Line

The body of George Milligen was found three miles south of Pinckney, near the Washtenaw county line Wednesday night. Milligen had been working in the vicinity of Pinckney for several months. He was about 35 years old, and was sober and industrious. He was last seen alive on Sunday morning, when he left the home of William Clark.

Milligen suffered from a fever sore. The indications are that while walking along the road he suffered a hemorrhage from the wound, and the loss of blood weakened him so, he fell and, being unable to rise, froze to death.

It is said he has a sister living in Detroit.

Jonathan Stauger, the piano tuner, returned last evening from Pinckney. He tells a story of the recent cold spell. On Wednesday evening he was driven in a buggy to a farm house to tune a piano. The lady that drove him there returned home by a short exit through a lane. She there found a hired man lying on the ground frozen stiff with his mouth open. He was a sort of foolish fellow who was well known and whom she at once recognized. She immediately called a neighbor who went for the coroner and undertaker. When the undertaker arrived it was late, and he had to hunt around in the dark with a lantern until he found the frozen man.