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Indigestion - Dyspepsia

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Results of the New Cure for Indigestion and Nervous Dyspepsia.

Drake's Dyspepsia Cure and Nerve Restorer, a well-spring of life, is pouring into thousands of homes today; stubborn cases that have baffled all other remedies yield to the efficacy of this marvelous treatment, and permanent cures are the inevitable results from its use.

For sale by H. J. Brown and E. E. Calkins.

A book on Stomach and Nerve troubles, their symptoms and cures, will be given free for the asking at above mentioned drug stores. Read follownug statement:

"To Whom It May Concern: To those suffering from stomach and nerve troubles I wish to recommend Drake's Dyspepsia Cure and Nerve Restorer. About 20 years ago I began to be troubled with my stomach. It gradually grew worse, even under treatment, until it became difficult for me to eat any kind of food with comfort. For the past five years I have been able to retain very little food of the simplest nature long enough to digest it. Seldom during this time have I enjoyed sleep throughout the entire night, and usually have been obliged to leave my bed in consequence of my stomach and nerve troubles. My bowels were very much relaxed, said to be due to inflammation of the membrane of the intestines. I was treated by physicians, and tried nearly every known remedy recommended for my troubles with no lasting benefit, and usually not even temporary relief. On the 5th day of January, '98, I purchased a package of Drake's Dyspepsia Cure and Nerve Restorer, and I wish every dyspeptic knew how much I have improved from its use. My food does not distress me as it did, and I have no trouble in retaining it. I sleep well and feel re- 1898."