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Escaping From Herself

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Escaping From Herself.

When a weak, pain-racked woman is suddenly completely relieved of her misery it is like shaking off the cluthes of a sad, pursuing spirit. She escapes from her wretched, unhappy self and becomes a new self; literally another being.

"My wife is up and walks about a mile every pleasant day; she feels like another person," writes H. Todd Huguley, Esq., of Mount Jackson, Marion Co., Ind., in a letter to Dr. R. V. Pierce of Buflalo, N. Y.  "When I first saw your book referring to the cure of consumption I thought I would try Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and 'Favorite Prescription,' as the doctors had given her up, and so I thought it could do no harm if it did no good. 

"When I try to describe the results I fail to do so in words. We shall never forget to thank God for giving us this means of relief. I know if my wife had not taken Dr. Pierce's medicines she would now have been in her grave. You can ask any one who is afflicted thus to write to me for more particulars."

This only serves to show that what ordinary physicians of merely local and limited practice will often fail to accomplish, may become entirely possible to a thoroughly scientific and radical treatment, based upon a life-long and world-wide experience with the severest and most obstinate forms of so-called incurable diseases. Do not despair, but write to Dr. Pierce. He will send you the most authoritative advice in a plain sealed envelope free of charge. His splendid thousand-page illustrated Common Sense Medical Adviser will be sent paper-bound for 21 one-cent stamps to pay the bare cost of mailing, or in heavy, handsome cloth binding, for 31 stamps. A whole medical library in one 1000-page volume.

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KOAL Buy while it is cheapest. $5.50 per ton for Best Hard Coal. M. STAEBLER, 19 W. Washington St. Phone No. 8 

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