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    The School Moderator has this to say relative to the efforts that are being made in the legislature to make the uniform text book law compulsory:

    Senator Graham has introduced a bill to amend the Graham-Forsyth bill by making it compulsory. This will afford an excellent opportunity for the legislature to kill the thing instanter by striking out all after the enacting clause. No more dangerous nor damaging bill was ever passed by a Michigan legislature. It doubtless would never have passed without the emasculating amendments which robbed it of its power to harm for the time being by making its provisions optional, and by putting off its day of effectiveness till another legislature could kill it. The people did their share and voted almost unanimously that they wanted none of it. Now the legislature should do its duty and kill the bill. The bill would compel a complete change of text books which would cost our people about $400,000. That we could stand if any advantage commensurate with the cost would accrue. But there would not. No state ever adopting a uniform text book law similar to Mr. Graham's proposed measure ever obtained a satisfactory series of books. They never got as good books as they had before. No such state ever was satisfied with such measure, but after an expensive experiment many have abandoned it. Cheapness is the only thing urged and if Mr. Graham is really in earnest in his effort to relieve the burdens of our people and yet give us the best books he will gladly kill his bill. Free text books cost but 47 cents per pupil per capita and give us the pick of the very best.