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Hong Kong, Feb. 7.- The latest advices from Manila say that the rebel forces have been driven back ten miles, and their losses are estimated at l,900 killed and wounded. The Filipino junta here has issued a statement declaring that the fighting was only an outpost brush, due to American aggression. It adds: "General Aguinaldo had given special orders to the commanders to prevent hostilities unless the Americans violated their agreement by forcing the Filipino lines." Washington. Feb. 7.- Prompted by General Otis' promise of Sunday night to send along the list of casualties at the earliest possible moment, the friends of the soldiers at Manila besieged the war department yesterday by telegram and word of mouth for information from the scene of the battle in the Philippines. The list was long in coming, a fact explained by the cutting of the telegraph wires along the American front, which prevented early reports from the division commanders. When General Otis' casualty lists began to come over the tables they were somewhat confusing, probably due to the fact that there are nineteen different lines between Manila and Washington. The immediate effect was to cause some errors to be made in the reported list of killed. After great difficulty the officials of the war department arranged the previous casualty lists into the following single list, which is believed to be substantially accurate and was made up as an official substitute list for the prior lists: First brigade, First division: Tenth Pennsylvania - Major E. Brierer, flesh wound on arm, slight; Lieutenant 4-1bert J. Buttermore, flesh wound, slight; Sergeant Joseph Sheldon, eompany H, slight flesh wouud; Private Hiram Conger, eompany D, abdomen, serious; Private Kdward Caldwell. eompany C. lung, sprious; Private Debault, ftesh wound, slight. First Montana- Private Reynolds, coirpany H, slight wound: Private Chrtxlep Rummels, flesh wound, slight; Cuvporal Ilayes, eompany H, missing, probably killed: Private John Serensen, eompany L, head wounded, probably dead; Private Mayersick, lungs. serious; Corporal Skinner, eompany I, slight wound. First Colorado - Private Orion Twever. eompany B, wounded: Private Charles S. Morrison, eompany B, wounded; Private Maurice Parkhurst, wounded; Private C. D. White, eompany D, missing, supposed to be drowned; Private Elmer F. Doran, eompany I, killed; Corporal William H. Erle, eompany I, wounded; Private Charles B. Boyce. eompany L, f.esh wound; Private Charles Oarl?on, eompany L, killed; First Lientenant Charles Haughwount, flesh wound. First South Dakota - Private Horace J. McCracken, eompany H, killed; Private Fred E. Gren, eompany I, killed; Private William J. Lewis, eompany I, killed; Private Benjamin Phepps, eompany K, wounded in right thigh; Corporal Eugene E. Stevens, eompany K, wounded in right thigh; Private Frank G.McLain. wounded in right hip; Hiram Fay, wounded in right knee; Corporal Cari H. Osgood, eompany F, sprained knee; Private A. Haskell, eompany I, slight wound in neck. Third artillery - Sergeant Bernard Sharp, flesh wound leg, slight; Private Orian Ryan, eompany L, shot in head, serious; Private Edward Lundstrom, eompany it, shot through hand, slight; Private James Gleason, eompany L, flesh wound, slight. Fourteenth infantry - Killed, Corporal Guy B. Soden, eompany E; Corporal Henry F. Thompson, eompany M; Private Jesse A. Hale, eompany A; Mauriee Seaman, eompany A; Louis V. Dietz, eompany D; James Harvey Knight eompany M; Charles W. Douglas, eompany M; Frank H. Issinghausen, eompany M: Charles A. Seitz, eompany M; Alphone Bonner, eompany M; Peter M. Storment, eompany I. Sixth artillery- Killed, Private W. A. Goodman, eompany D. First Idaho- Killed, Major Ed McCooville; Corporal Frank R. Cahver!, eompany B; Private James Frazer, eompany C. First California- Killed, Püvate J. J. Dewar. rompany K; Torn Bryan, eompany H: Joseph Maner, eompany M. First Washington - Killed, Corporal Georgre W. McGowan, eompany A; Private Ralph W. Simonas, eompany A; George B. Reichart, Frank Smith, Matthias H. Cherry, Sherman Harding, Edward H. Ferry, eompany I; Walter N. Hanson, eompany L; Arno H. Meickel, eompany H. First Washington - Wounded, Sergeant Samuel E. Boakier, eompany I; Corporal James Neary, eompany M; Musieian Joseph W. Orberger, eompany M-; Private Dixon A. Everett, eompany A; Michael Kennedy, Augustin Berry, eompany F; Benjamin A. Harbour, Hugh P. MeClellan. Herman Pteinhagen; O. B. Wright, eompany I; Wm. Bloat, eompany K; Arthur L. Oaleurn, eompany M; Richard Hughes, eompany SI; Albert E. Barth, eompany M. Lieutenant James Mitchell. Fourteenth infantry, died of wounds at 2:05 p. m., Feb. 6; Private G. Hall, eompany G, First Idaho, died of wounds: Colonel William C. Smith, First Tennessee, died of apoplexy at the head of his command on the firing line, Feb. 5.