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The Price Of Health

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is eternal watchfulness of the food we eat. Baking powders made from burnt alum are very prevalent in the market. Sometimes they are sold as phosphatic, sometimes as cream of tartar powders, but never under their true character. They are generally offered upon the ground that they are low priced. In appearance they resemble a pure powder, and there is no way except by analysis to detect them until their continued use has impaired the digestion and injured the health. The common sense and practical way of protecting our bread and cake from alum is by the use of the Royal Baking Powder in making them. The Royal is certified by the Government and State Chemists free from alumĀ and absolutely pure, and its high quality and healthfulness are altogether above question. Consumers may use the Royal with full assurance not only that it makes the best food, but that it is the most economical. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., NEW YORK.