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The American Volunteer

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European military men look wïth scoTu npon the volanteer soldier. Thoy regard the American volanteer as at an apology for-a soldier, in fact. tfevortheless the volnnteer is giving a wetty good account of himself at Manila as ha did some mouths ago at an Juan hill. He works ander many isadvantages, of conree, as compare d wifch regulars. He is unaccustomed to he hardships and privations of the oldier's life and is comparatively inxperienced in military tactics. They cquire these requisites, however, apidly. This is due to their superior ntelligence. The Yaukee is probably te inosfc versatile of men. He cerainly ougbt to he. In his veins flows ie blood of all the most ad vaneed pies of the eartb. He inherits the best ! points of thern all. Because of this versatility he is able to adapt himself to varying eouditions and requirenients more easily aud more quickly than the citizon of auy other nation. Beoause of his snperior intelligence and versatility he learns the business of soldieriug in less time thau the citizen of any other natiou. The recent battles aborct Manila have demoustrat&d his knovlodge of soldiering nnder trying circmnstances. These volunteers.whilo they have seen bot a few inonths of military training, have stormed trenches, asaailed fortifiod positions and maintaind the greatest steadiness in the open vfhile iighting in a strange and wbolly nnknown country. They have shown that they know the soldier's habit of obedience to orders and a clear understanding of what is expected of them. The. uation has canse to be proud of their accomplishments and the spirit they have shown uuder the most trying circumstancos. All this goes to prove that it is not necessary to rnaintain a great standing army in order to insure onr uational safety, and that our citizenship is a perfectly safe reservoir frorn which to draw onr goldiery in eveut of national danger.