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Court Martial Farce

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Tbe farce which President McKinley has made of thn Eagan case serves to cali to mirjd tbe alrnost forgotteu court rnartial of the notorious Captain Carter. Thirteeu months ago a military court found Captaiu Carter guilty of frand, corrnptiou aud embezzlement in connection with certaiii governmeut contracts for the improvemeut of Savanuah barbor. He -was the ring leadei in a gigantic steal of more than $3, 000,000 of government funds. Thcre was no shadow of donbt of his guilr. The conrt sentenced hirn to dismi ssa from the army, flned him $5,000 and recommeuded that criminal proceedings be brought against hirn. Bnt he has a millionaire father-iu-law and other powerful friends, among them Senator Platt, of New York, who have had sufflcient influence to persuade Secretary Alger and President McKinley to hold up the report for more thau a year. For thirteen long months the powerfnl frinnds of this monumental rascal have succ'eeeded in suppressing tbe verdict and nnllifying tbe flndings of the military conrt. For thirteen long months these influences have secured to this convicted felon liberty to walk the streets a free man instead of gracing the penitentiary as he shonld. Dnring tbis time George F. Edmuuds was appealed to, to review the evidence for the pnrpose of flnding some loophole or technicality on which the couvictiou might be set aside. Senator Edmnnd did review the evidence bnt his rngged honesty could not be used for the disrepntable euds wbich Carter'sfriends desired and he declared that the findings of the conrt were regular and legal in every respect. Por his services he deruanded $5,000 and Secretary Alger, it is alleged, wanted to pay this out of the $50,000,000 national defense fuud. He was only prevented froru doing this by the refusal of the comptroller of the fcreasury to allow it. Reflect on the moral sense of a secretary of war who would nrge the payment of such a bilí, incurred in an effort to overthrow the findings of a court before which the government was tbe prosecntor, from the national defeuse fund. It is nofc clear to the ordinary layrnan just what the relation is of that fee to the national defense furid. Such cold storaging of important conrt martial flndings is making a mockery of these judicial proceediugs. They are coming to have as little significance as a legislativo or congressional iuvestigation. In the meantime the good name of the American army is being dragged in the dust, and all for what? Apparently for the purpose of letting the public niernory grow dim as to the criminal conduct of this precióos rascal, thereby reversing the verdict of the military court wbich condemned him and relieving high officials of the direct responsibility for such a flagrant miscarriage of justice.