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A Narrow Escape

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The Detroit Masonic party who atteded the Belleville banquet at which Judge Newkirk was toastmaster had a narrow escape, which is thus told: A party of officers of the grand loclge of Masons headed by Grand Worsbipful Master Frank T. Lodge, with a iinmber of ladies went to Belleville Thursday night ou a special train to dedicate a new Masonic temple at that place and narrowly escaped being mixed up in a railroad collision. The Masonic party left the Union depot in a one car special. The engiue was running backward. The St. Louis lirnited had pulled out shortly before, out considerably behind time. Betweeu Hand and Romuhis the engine attached to the limited broke down and the rear brakeman was sent out to flag. When the Masonic special carae tearing along, the flagrnan's signal received no response from the oncoming locomotive, and it flashed on him that neither the engineer nor the fireman saw him. Quickly swinging his lantern over his head,he stood close to the track and hurled it f uil over the tender of the oncoming locomotive into the cab where it crashed to pieces at the foot of the engineer. The startling sigual was at once obeyed and the special was stopped. Then the brakeman of the special was sent out to do flag duty. He had no chance to do auything notable, but he ffoze one of his ears stift', stauding on the track and waiting for another train to come along for him to save.