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Beating The Toll Gate

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Evidences of tho bad feeliug feit by the farmers near Detroit agaiust the toll road ont Michigan ave. are of constant oceurrence. Each toll gate between Wayne and Detroit has been guarded the past week by one or more depaty sheriffs. The bars at both places have been torn down by angry farmers. One farmer vvill drive up to the gate with a big load of hay and then refnse to pay his toll. The gatekeeper cannot allow him to pass and in consequence the road will be blocked and the stretch of teams will be half mile or more, waiting to get through. The last man gets down off his load, comes forward, pays his toll and demanda that he be let by. The toll gatekeeper has to let them all pass or else the last man will sue the company forobstructing tho highway. The company has started suit against several farmers for back toll, but for some reason has not commenced suit against the agent of the Standard Oil Co. here, who refused to pay toll since last July. The road originally belonged to the Detroit & Saline Plank Road Co. , but it was understcod that (heD.,Y. & A. A. electric people bonght it a year or so ago and their section hands novr act as gatekeepers.