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Feared Insanity Severe Pains n the Head Owing to Catarrhal Trouble Invalld of Seven Years Cured by Hood's Sarsaparllla. " I had a severe catarrhal trouble, and was onder medical treatment in several placea little benefit, and at great expense. I became reduced in fleah, bo I weighed only 96 pounds. I had such eevere painB in my head that I √≠eared I h bou ld become insane. I tried external remedies without obtaining relief. PinUy I waa inspired to give Hood'e Sarsaparilia a trial, and I tm very gratelul to the proprietora of thia wondert al medicine. I have taken seven bottles and it has cured me, after I had been an in valid lor seveii yeara. I have gained 28 ponnds In fleah, and my friends are surprised at theimprovement inmy coudition." MBfi. R. C. White, Howard, Michigan. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the best- the One True Blood Purlfler. 1; aix for $5. C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. Hwi'e PUlc aretheonly piUs to tak IIUUU S rlllh with Hood's Sarsanarlll. Enoch Dieterle, Funeral Director. No. 116 L. Liberty St. Reoidence. 533 S. 4th Ave. Phonel29. ANN ARBOR, MICH DR. H. K. LUM, Physicjan and Surgeon. Office: 106 N. Fourth Ave., Ann Arbor, nich. County calis promptly attended to. Hours, 8 to 9 a. m. ; 1 lo i p. m. and 7 to 8:30 p. m. New State Phone- House, 260; office, 67 rings. F. J. Biermann, DEALER IN Gillis... Ammlii)tlor Flshlijg Tackle The I. A. W. Repair Shop. BICYCLE ENAMKLING. ETC. 113 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor The Tkrse Go Togitlur Women, Beauty and Creto Cream. No Tan, No Freckles, No Pimples, Or Moth Spots Where Creto Cream is used. No lady should be without it. Every jar guaranteed by your own druggist. S. M. CR0MB1E ‚Ė†yPSItiANTI, MICH. A lady wao purchased a piano f rom bs at Christmas time said: "I carne nOar buying a piano somewhere else because you never carne to talk piano to us." This shows thatwe miss many a sale by not baving agenta out toworry the people, but agenta cannot live on air, and an average expense connected therewith of at least $25.00 on each piano, goes to the benefit of the cnetomer who will take the trouble to come to our store at'114 W. Lilerty st., Ann Arbor. ## The Schaeberle ...flusic Store AUGUST G. KOCR DEAI.BB IN Stapte ai)d Fai)cy Groceries Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Season NEW SAUERKRAUT. Phone 324 New Stato. 206 EAST WASHINGTON STREET I hairrbalsam[ fWmf rlVouiotct a lnxuiisut growth. BHfeJII Hair to its YouthTul Color. HHCun lp liM fholr fulltaj.