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From Friday's Daily Argus. William Boyce, residing at the corner of Moore aud Brown sts. , is the happy father of a handsome 9% pound boy. He arrived yesterday. The Michigan Central has asked for a trial of the case against it by William Pinnegan as administrator of Don Finnegan for f20,000 dainages. Fred Hoertier, with Henne & Stauger, is enjoying a house warming of his own. He yesterday moved into his new house on S. Third st. The superintendents of the poor, E. P. Mas n, Jamed Taylor, and Tracy L. Towner, aud Veeder L. Shankland, the county house keeper, are making a tour of inspection of the Wayne county house tooday. Fans in offices are generally used to cool the atmosphere. At present the fan in the office of the fluff rug factory on W. Huron st. is used for the contrary purpose. The floor is very cold and the heat naturally rises. When the fan is started it causes the heat to better circuíate throughout the room. A special meeting of the Salvation Army will be given on Thursday evening, Feb. 16, by Lieut. -Col. George French, their beloved leader of the great northwest división. He vrill give a stereoptican lectore upon the spiritual and social operations of the Salvation Army. All who heard him two years ago will be pleased to hear him again. Hon. Charles R. Whitman, for the ast year or two engaged in practicing aw in Detroit, left Wednesday for Chicago where he will engage in bis irofession. He waR fonnerly prosecutng attorney of this county and a rè;ent of the univrmty. He is an elo[nent speaker mrt a skillful attorney. Ie is an ardwit demooi-at who bas often been beard in the political camwigns. Mr. Lamson was most entbusiastically received at the concert of the Saint Cecilia Society, in Detroit on Tuesday last His part in the canata was 'a dramatic and effective iece of work. After three insistent recalls he was obliged to respond with an encoré to his gronp of songs in the misoellaneous part of the program. lis singing was marked by dignity, lepth of feeling, and pnrity, and accuracy of tone. Laura, the wife of Joseph Shaw, of Miller ave., died this morning at ■ o'clock from consumption. The funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at her late residence, Rev. J. W. Gelston offleiating. She was boni in Dundee, Mich. , and was the daughter of the late James Nelson, of Hiscock st. She was about 42 years of age. Her husband and two children, Mina, wife of William irapf , and Leon Sbaw, óf Eonrth ave. , and one twin sister. Mrs. Mettie ïrindle, of Lansing, servive her. The thermometers last night took an extra hitch in their "gallonses, " and went a little lower than the night befora At 7 o'olock this raoruing the glass at H. J. Brown's drng store inng on the north'side on W. Huron st. ehowed 16 degreea below zero. Acrofis the street on tho second story at Dr. W. W. Nichola', the glass registered as the coldest during the night 17 degrees below. At the doctor's farm it was 16 degrees below and at the Detreit Observatory 15 below. From Soturday's Daily Argus. Thomas Walker John McCann and James Lawson were arrested separately for being drank ou tbe streets and have each been sent to jail by Justice Duffy for 10 days. The friends of the Argus should not forget that there is a well equipped job office in connection with the paper where from the smailest card to the argest book job will be printed with neatness and dispatch. Give us a cali. Aaron Oanine, of York, was struck jy a motor air on Packard styesterday afternoon. He was walking behind ais wagon when he heard the car coming. He rushed to piek up his lines, but the car struck him and sent biru under the wagon and went on without stopping. No bon?H were broken. The thermometers are beginning to show ome of the waruior sides of life. The glass at the office of Dr. W. W. Nichols, corner of Main and Hurón sts. , registered this morning as tbe coldest during the night being 1 1 degrees below zero. The glass at the Detroit obervator of the uuiveraity went half a degree lower. It's a cold month wben Randall & Jones don't commence a damage suit against, ex-Sheriff Judson. This is a cold month but nevertheleas they tooK out a summons late yosterday afternoon to commence a suit in behalf of Selby A. Moran, the editor of the Register for 10,000 damagea aganist William Judson and Lester H. Canfield. James H. Hunter, of 433 W. Hnxon at., died this morning about 1:80 o'clock of heart failure. Mr. Hunter was a well known machinist and a brother of Robert Hunter. His former home was in Canada and the remains will be taken to Guelph, Otit., for interment, leaving Ann Arbor on the 4:58 train tomorrow afternoon. The services will be held at the house Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Cario Biglieri died this morning at the home of Alex. Ratti, 108 E. Huron st, of inflammation of the kidneys. He was working for the Ann Arbor railroad and came here Thursday from Blsie, Mich. He was 45 years old and leaves a wife and two children in Italy. The funeral will be held at 9 o'clock Monday uiornin;? from St Thomas church and the interment will be in tbe Catholic cemetery. A party of 25 young people somo time Hgo accepted an iuvitation to spend an evening at the hospitable home of Alfred Paul, on the Lodi gravel road. They chose last evening as being one of the halrniest, most gentle ones that oonld be found, the thermometer being way below zero. They took Godtrey's four-horse covered dray with canopy top. They had a splendid time, as of course they knew they would. It was 4 a. ni. when the happy young folks returned to the city. Dr. Cyrus Smith, of Jackson, died at an early hour yesterday morning, aged 62 years. He was a graduate of the medical department of the U. of M., class of '57, and had practiced in Jackson most of the time sinee. During the civil war he was assistant surgeon of the First, Ninth and Twenty-sixth Michigan infantries. At Murfreesboro he was captured by Gen. Forrest, but only remained in captivity 10 days. His nephew, Cyrus F. Smith, is captain of Co. D, 31st Michigan, aiid is nowin Cuba with his regiment. John Haarer, of W. Liberty st,. last evening received two letters from his son Lieuf. John Haarer, dated Feb. 1 and 4, written at Cienfnegos, Cuba. He writea that everybody is v?ell and in good spirits. The surrounding country is very beautiful and the cottages with their red tile roofs looked like the pictures in children's story books. The city is quite pretty except in the side streets where the fllth is beyond description. The probability was at the time of writing that the Sist Michigan Infantry would leave the city in a few days. All the men are trying to learn Spanish. Prom Mondar 's Daily Argus. Luick Bros. planning mili shut down this morning for a few day3 on account of the cold. Sonsa's band will play here on the evening of April 8, for the benefit of the Woman's league. Col. B. M. Thompson speats next Thursday before the Oalhonn Couuty Farmers' Instituto at Marshall on "Early English Farming. " Judge Victor H. Lane speaks at the Farmers' Institute at Graas Lake next Thursday on "Habitual Criminals," and at the Farmers' Institute at Carleton on Fri3ay next. Aldennan Hamilton will soon erect a fine buildng at the corner of State and William sts. The wooden structure which now occupies this corner will be removed and a tbree story brick building put up in its place. A certain county official who is off duty today, it is stated on good authority, will lead a blushing bride to the altar next Thursday. The license has not yet been issued but it is presumed he will get it at a reduced rate. The building committee of the supervisors this afternoon opened the bids n the addition to tbe jail. Two bids have been put in, Welker & Fritz $865, and Henry S. Pipp $787.86. The latter received the contract. There were 8,060 students enrolled in the university Feb. 9, divided among the various departments as follows: Literary 1,271, engineering 247, medical 421, law 745, dental 287, homeopathie 61, pharmaceutical 78. The ladies of the Korthside realized about 38 from the entertainment which they gave last Friday evening for the benefit of thn chapel. Up to the present time the ladies have raised altogether for this purpose something over 1,000. The energy and perseverance they have fIiowu certainly deserves success. The coal dealers of the city are doing some kicking as they claim the railroad freight rate on a ton of coal is $1 to Detroit and $1.40 to Ann Arbor. Must the inter-state cominerce commission be blamed for this state of affairs? The dealers to get even propose to raise their rates. Of course they have no trust as they would be opposed to a trust in Ann Arbor. The business in tho probate office was done thÏB raorning right up to the radiator, where Judge Newkirk and Begister Lehman were trying to keep warm. The probating of the will of Herman Calhoun, of York township, was adjourned for four weeks. Comstock Hill, of Lodi, is mentioned as executor. Mr. Calhoun's daughter inherited 40 acres of land from her mother, and quit claimed 20 acres of it to her father. In the will he provided that this land should go back to his daughter. To this some of the other heirs object. The land involved is worth about $400.