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Tbe ground is frozeu three i'eet dep iu this village. The dust flies now as nmch as i of ten does iu August. Win. H. Suow has moved onto hi farm at Cavauaugh Lake. Trim & McGregor are elosiug ou thoir stock of goods at anctiou. "Mi?. A. J. Sawyer, of Arm Arbor visited relatives uear here last week. Ti-ii üights iu. a bar room is to be played at the town hall on the 17tl inst. Lnng diseases are cow alarmingly prevalent and the doctors are very busy. The work of tearing down the olc M. E. church will begin as soou as ii is warmer. Is is reported that many fruit trees have been blasted by the late cok weather. Farm hands are being hired foi nest season about here at from 15 to $22 per raonth. Edward Gentner has leased the Horace Baldwin farm iu Lima and wil move onto it in March. The wheat on the gronnd is reported to be materially injured about here by the late cold dry weather. The ladies of the M. E. church are preparing au entertainment known as the "Temple of Farne. " The frqst found its way into many cellars of tbis village the past week where it never before went. D. B. Taylor's addition to the vil lage of Chelsea has been recorded ant lots are now on sale there. A car load of potatoes and two of onions were shipped from here this week in spite of the cold weather. C. Shaf'er, of Graas Lake, opeued a uew meat market in the Klein bnild ing tbis week with all new fixtures. D. B. Taylor will represent Chelsea 'Lodge.A. O. U. W., at the Gram Lodge which meets in Aun Arbor nest week. There never before were somany nev houses and barns in contemplation a one time in Chelsea and surronndiug country as now. Chelsea has two bakeries, three meat markets and nine places where gro ceries are sold. Every person shonlc be well fed here. The extreme cold weather aud the large amount of sickness prevailing caused Evaugelist G. F. Emerick to close his services here last Snnday night. . T. W. Mingay, ( í Aun Arbor bought the Chelsea Herald on Monday and took charge of it. He is an experienced newspaper man and will put oit a good paper. Two thousand three hundred and ten wagon loads of grain nave been taken in at the company's elevator here since last July. They represent over 100,000 bushels. While the men were at work iu the woods on the farm of Andrew Haas, in Waterloo last Monday, his 19 ycar ld boy Will, was struck by a falling limb aud iustantly killed. The inarket here stands at 80 cents for wheat; rye, 57 cents; oats, 30 cents; beans, 90 ets; clover seeel, ::{(■: eggs, 15 cents; butter, 13 cents: dressed hogs, 85 ; receipts free. Married at St. JVIary's chnreli Tuesday moruiufr, William F. Kress, of ?reedom, tb' .Miss Francés Neuberger, of this village. Fr. W. P. Considine officiated. They have the well wishes of many frieuds. Over half of the curren t wheat erop of this viciuity is still in the farmer's jauds being held for higher prices. It s quite probable that prices somewhat better than the present will be paid sometime bef ore the first of Jnne. William Martin died at his residence in this village last Snnday noon of pneumonía after less thaii a week's sickness. He was buried f rom St. Mary's church on Wednesday, jnst six weeks from the day he was married. He was 81 years old and had beeu a grain weigher at the company's elevator here for inauy years. He will be rrroch missed from the depot and by his inany friends.