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The Bryan Reception

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The arrangement for the receptiou of Col. William J. Biyan uexfc Saturday afternoou at the eöurt house are beiu'g gradually perfeoted. Ir, is thought thát he wiU be entertained for dinner at Walter C. Mack's and for ' per at Prof. ï. C. Tmeblóod's. ïhe court house will be appropriately rlecorated and large dek'gations are expected from all over the county. A good band of uuisic will 'be eugaged for the occasion aud it is soaght to uiake the receptiou a rouscr. The followiug is the receptiou committee, at least in part: Walter C. Mack, Moses Seabolt, Henry W. Donglas, Gottlob Luick, Andrew Reule, Jacob F. Schuh, Charles H. Manly, John V. Sheohau, M. J. Lehman, L. J. Lisemer, L. C. Weinmann, T. A. Bogle, Johu Gillen, M. C. Peterson, E. B. Norris,C. J. Suyder, Arthur Brown, William Herz, Sid W. Millard Chas. A. Ward, Theodore Reyer, T D. Kearuey aud Jacob Laubengayer of this city, Charles Braun, of Ann Arbor towu ; Frank Hammond, of Augusta; George Walter, of Bridgewater; Thomas McQnllan, of Dexter; Ftank Dettling, of Freedorn ; Edwurcl Beach, of Lima ; George J. Maun, of Lodi ; A. J. Boyce, of Lyndon; J. E. Blum aud W. L. Watkins, of Manchester: Wm. Douuegau aud Johu Waguer, of Northfield ; Christiaoa Frey, of Pittsfield; P. H. Murray, of Salem ; George Nisale and J. Manly Youug, of Saline ; B. C. Whittaker and Wm. Curlett, of Scio; Ashley Parks, of Sharon ; Walter Voorheis, of Superior ; James S. Gorman, Hiram Lighthall and William Lehman, of Slyvan ; Johu Hoy, of Webster; A. Gr. Molntyre, of York; James L. Lowden, of Ypsilanti town ; James McGregor, J.. Willard Babbitt, Johu P. Kirk and Si. T. Woodrnff, of Ypsilanti.