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A Ghostly Rider

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Wasbtenaw county evidently has a ghost who drives a borse and buggy and has a penchaut for riding on railroads and crossing high raiJroad bridges witb the rig, the horse safuly stepping from tie to tie. If such a ghost does not exist the same brand of liquor must be drank today as pcrcolated down a thirsty tbroat about eight years ago. A Dexter dispatch to last night's Detroit Eveniug New says: "The Michigan Central railroad switohman saw a man driving a horse and buggy turn froru O street and go east on the railroad track at a lively gait. The section men were ron tod from their warm beds and started in pursuit, and the operator at Delhi ordered to notify trains bound west to look out for them. "By following the tracks it was fonnd they passed over the railroad bridge at Scio safely, altobngh tho covering of the bridge was of ties abont a foot apart, and had left, the track at the first crossing, bnt no fnrther trace cernid be had, and the question that is pnzzling people here is: 'Who was it?'" This same story or one exceedingly like it was told about eight years ago and that time carne from Delhi. That ghost seems still to be taking ghostly rieles at long intervals.