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While The Iron Flew

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The members of the Delta Upsilon fraternity, residing in the Ashley bomestead, No. ö22 Mouore st. , were shocked Tnesday morning. ïhey had a practical illustration of the old adage "theré is many a slip betweeu the cnp and the lip." They were in theii little beds dreamiug of the deliciou breakfast theircook, James Brown. wa preparing in the kitohen. Bnt it wa not theirs to enjoy the breakfast. A pipe had frozen in the interior of the range and whcu it beoame heated steara fornied and in au instant there was an explosión. Pieces of the rangt flew all over the kitcheii prodncing in effect as if one of Gen. Otis' machine gnns had been stirring np the bow anc arrow corps of Geu. Agüioaldq's aruuy ïhe only man to represent this army however, was Brown, the cook, who jñst escapea. He was puttiug his head through the kitchen door when crash went the stove and pieces of iron flew aronnd hi= head and he was able to retire in good order. The f orce o: the explosión was so great that piece of the iron were driven through the sides of the kitchen. The red hot coa was scattered arouixl the room and the wood work, curtaius and floor were set on fire. The fire department wa telephoned to and arrived promptly on the spot and extinguished the flaine before damage to exceed 200 wa done.