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From Tuesday's Daily Argus. L. Eugene Champion, was tbifi morning appointed by Judge of Probate Newkirk, guardian of Fannie B. and Samuel Champion minors. The D. , Y. & A. A. railroad company should get stronger axles for its cars. It broke another on Griswold st. , Detroit, yesterday and delayed trnffie for a long time. Fred Weimnann, escaped inmate f the Eastern Aslytim at Pontiac, captured at Lake City, Missankee, connty, was returned to the asylum this morning by Sheriff Gillen. Ernest Alfred Schlup, the three weeks' old child of Mr. and Mrs. Schlup, of W. Liberty st,, died this morning. The funeral -svill be held Tlmrsday afternoon. George J. Manu sells his farm stock and tools on Wednesday, Feb. 22. on his farm in Lodi, including horses, oows, sheep, pig, chickens and all manner of f arm implements. A lunch will be served at noon. Miick & Schmid are abeut to build two new stores on S. Main st. on their vacant lots between the Lambert shoe shop and the Argns office. They will be built of brick and abont 20 by 70 feet.ï One of them bas already been rented. Last evening was a dancing evening. The Odd Fellows dance attracted a uumber, others wem to the Maccabee dance at Whitniöre Lake, while some went to the másqáeracle at Ypsilauti. A dance at Dexter also drew Auu Arbor visitpijS. The fourlh aounal banquet tendered by the Woman'á Auxiliary of the Y. M. C. A. will be given to the active and associatp members of ihat association uest Tuesday evening at 7 :30 o'clóck. On that orcafion the board of director.s will act as waiters. John E. Xolau. of Fliut, and Miss Lizzie O'Coiidm-, of this city, were quietly m ar-ried this morning at 8 o'clock in St. Thomas chapul, Rev. E. D. Kelly ofiiciating. Audrew Galvin, of Detroit, and Miss Delia O'Connner, sister of the bride, stood np with the couple. F. Stofflet's show window is adorned with a Spanish regimental flag, captnred at Manila by Gilbert Perrine. The flag is three feet by two in si,e, aadbears two bullet holes. Gilbert Perrine is reported as having died of small pox about Jan. 1. His parents reside on N. Main st. This morning Prof. R. O. ËmmoDB, of Jackson, was in the city and aftor looking over Dr. Deli's Shetland ponies, pnrehased Compressed, a tiny little two year old mare. Prof. Emmons is a well kuown animal trainer. He has a contract to travel with Forepangh's circus this stimmer. About 530 of August Rhode's friends dropped in on him last evening very unceremoniously, the occasion being his 25th birthday. They made him a present of a fine writing desk. The evening was spent in social converse and playing the games of the olden time. The occasion was thoronghly enjoyed by all. Dr. F. S. Bonrus who was one of the ] landing party whioh raised the American flag over the island of Guam was in several dangerous reeonnoitering expeditious and conducted the uegotiations with Agunaldo aud other insurgí ent leaders. e carried messages ander fire dnringthe attack on Manila. After the Burrender of the city he I was made chief bealth oflïcer. - Detroit Journal. A temperanoe i-ally, of young and old, will be beul next Sunday at !!:80 p. m. in the M. E. church of this oity. A fine program is being prepared. The Episcopal choir, the Epworth League orchestra and several soloists will fnrnish special music. Récitations and brief addresses will be given by nniversity students, the children wiil also have a part. This program ought to attract a large audience. Parents shonld bring their children, and children their parents. Agent Eugene Gilmore, of the Aim Arbor róad, this áfternoon received a dispatch froni J. J. Kirby. assistant general passenger agent anuonncing excursión vates from all stations Satnrdny fór the receptiou to be given Hon. William Jenaingi Bryan at the conrt house in this city. Citizens of Ana Arbor shonld ruake this known as widelyas possible. The following named pupils of the high school vvere annouuced today as the participante iu the usual junior exhibition: Egniout Arnold, Leroy Childs, Alraeron, Tiokner, of Ann Arbor; Charles A. Thomas, Pittsfield; Lyle Whitait, Herbert Woodrow, George Seybold, A uu Arbor; Oora Bardinghans, Effie Niles, Aun Arbor; Gladys Smith, Pittsfield. Toni W. Mingay, for the past few years couuected with the Argns, and au ever trusted employé, has pnrchased the Chelsea Herald and will galvanize that paper and make it one of the very best of our country exeliaijges, while building np a line job office. We comniend him to the good wil] of the people of Chelsea, %vho will fiucl hiuj a good printer, a good writer aud a good business man, and wish him all the snecess which should follow houest, conscientious work. The fifth annual conveiition of the. Youug Men 's Christian Associations of Michigan will be held at Saginaw, w. B.-i froni the 23d to the 26th of February iuclusivp. Those who expect to go as delegates or visitors from the local asso.ciation. should send in their names at onre to the general seci-etary in order to seenre the rtduced rate of a fare and a third. The election of delegates will take place this evening at the regular mouthly business meeting of the associatiou. All members are earuestly reqnestea to be present. Miss Cora Feldkamp, of Anti Arbor town, gave a rioajiuo party to about 40 of her young himd last Friday evenius;. The pti'-:p were won by Miss Eimna Haas „ad Lee Pray. After partaking of i delicions supper prepared by Cora the guests were entertained by mnsic, singing and games. One of the features of the eveuing was the cake walk by Miss Jetter and James Feuuell. Miss Bertha Camp presided at the piano. All guests declare that Miss Feldkarup is the most amiable hostess in Ann Arbor township. The marriage of Morris Houghton Reed, a luw student from St. Joseph, Mo., and Miss Ada Eugene Connelt, of the same city, last Saturday after the junior hop, bas been annouced in flaming head lines. Mr. Reed's friends at the Phi Delta Phi house smile when asked about this wedding. They say there was no secrecy about the affair. The young conple had the blessing of their parents and the course of true love ran sujoothly. They are now the guests of the Cook house and will secure rooms withiu a few days when they will be glad to see their frieuds. I From Wednesday's Daily Argus. i The Michigan Central will give rei duced ratea of one tare on their line to the Bryan recption. Admission for-the Bryan lectnre at University hall next Saturday evening will be 50 cents. Reserved seats 25 : cents. The auctioii whioh was to have " been held Feb. 21, ou the John Coy le farm in Webster, has been indefiniteiy postponed.; The Stearns musical collection is 1 now being put iu order in the museum and iu all probability will soon be open for public exhibition. The announcement is made by those baring the May Festival in charge that they have engaged Companari for the occasion in addition to the other celebrities. - A republican asks what has become of the aunual banquet of the republicans of Washtenaw eonnty. He nnderstood the affair was to have been pulled off Feb. 10. A speoial service for ehildren will be held at Harris hall on Thnrsdays during Lnt at 4 o'clock. Parents are asked particularly to reinind their ehildren of the service tomorrow. Frank Hill, of this city, ana Miss Ann A. Bagley, of Jackson, were united in marriage this morniug, Justice Duffy performing the ceremony. ZenDS Sweot and Johu Reynolds stood np with the couple. Next Snuday evening tbere will be a song service at the Unitarian chureb. The regular choir will be assisted by Miss Materu mid Mr. Negler, wbile Miss Alice Bailey will ging the solo eutitled ''The Golden Thveshold. ' ' Mrs. Eïiza C. Bird, widow of üliver Bird, died ut the home of her son William O. Bird, 1118 E. Catherine st. , at 9 :S0 o'cíock this morning. She also leaves a daughter, Mrs. W. B. Scott, whose husband is a professor in the Normal 'hooi at Oswego, N. Y. The Atkinso bilí got a bad set back in the Michigan house yesterday, and will uot come before the house now until Feb. 27. All the taxation bill svere referred to three auti-Pingree coinmittees by a vote of 45 to 41. An efförf will be made to reeonsidf-r the vote today. The men 's meeting at the city Y. M. O. A. next Sunday af ternoon at 2 :4." o 'doek wili be addressed by .Richard L. Flyun, the returned soldier boy of Co. A, 8-lst Michigan volunteers, and Supt. of the Y. M. C. A. tent with hi. regiment at Knoxville. This meeting will be of special interest ro all members of the associatiou and no one sliould fail to be present and give "Dick," as the boys cali hirn, a right hearty welcome. A trio, composed of a guitar, mandóliu and flute, and a solo by fiome vocalist will furnish the special music. Strangers are cordially welcomefi. Represeutative Wheeler has introduced a bilí to have the lieensed money from hawkers and peddlers go to the townships. The funeral of the infant ebild of John and Agnes Schlnp, No. 901 W. Liberty st. , will bo held at the residence of tbe parents tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. John Nenmann officiating. The intermeut will take place in the Bethlehem cemetery on Jackson ave. Simeon D. Hicks, of Geddes ave. , died yesterday[of chronic broehitis aged 62 years, 7 months and 17 days. The funeral services will be held at bis late residence tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. The interment will take place in Ypsilanti. Mrs. Charles MilJard is a daughter of Mr. Hicks. John M. Kaercher, one of Ljma's prospefons farmers, was in the city yesterday and made a pleasant cali at the Argus office. He is very apprehensive as to the condition of "the wheat erop. Wbile there has been no thawing so far, which is always the bardest on the plant, he still thinks considerable injnry has been done. Principal D. C. Gordou, of the Joseph Campau school, of Detroit, a gradflate of the state normal school of Ypsilanti, is charged by a fiery little Detroit Germán wonian named Mrs. Martin Maydem, with having beat her little six year Old daughter on her bare back. Mr. Gordon denies haviug pnnished the child in any way. The child's teacher says the child was dismissed from school with the1 other ohildren and that at the time Mr. Gordon was charged with whipping the child, she, the teacher, was riding down town iu a street car with Mr. Gordon. From Yesterday's Daily Argus. The excursión tickets on the Ann Arbor road for the Bryan reception au cl lecture, wil] be good to return on Monday, Feb. 20. Tbis -will give every one a splendid chance to visit Ann Árbor for one fare. Gen. Arthur L. Bressier, of Detroit, well known iu this city, where he spent a nnmber of years iu college, has assigned his interest in his father's eetate to two of his brothers for $25,000. He will reside in New York. Mrs, Col. L. L. . Corastock died at 3 o'clock this afternoon. Her daughter, Mrs. J. J. Goodyear, fouud her this rnorning in her bed insensible, suffering from ii stroke of apoplexy. The funeral will be held Sunday afternpou. The funeral services of Mrs. Eliza C. Bird will be held at her late residence No. 1118 E. Catherine st, at 2 o'clock tomoriw afternoon Kev. W. L. Tedröw officiating. The interment Will take place in Forest Hill cemetery. The funeral services of Mrs. Simon F. Hirth, of Lodi, held yesterday in the Salem church at Weinsberg, were largely attended. Rev. Julius KHnginiimi, the officiating clergyman, preached a most appropriate ser)nou. The intenneut took place in the cemetery adjoining the chnrch. Marshal Sweet helped the Detroit pólice forcé in a prompt aud happy miinner this week. He received a postal card announcing that a valuable mare and buggy owned by Tom jVIoore was stolen form the Cadillac livery baru. "Within 30 minutes after receipt of the card he informed the Detroit police that the mare and buggy could be found at the barn of Dexter Fuller, in Milan, where a stranger had left thetn.