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Democratic Ward Caucuses

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Titlie Democratie Voti'rs of the City of Aun Arbor: The Uemocratic Ward Cauousesof the City of Aun Artnr will be held 011 Friday evenint. 24th, 1899, at 7::0 o'clock, the purpose oi' eiectjing delegatea tor Countv Oonveñtiou to be held on March 2nd, aDd tú transact such other bnslaesa as may come be('ore the inoetiiig-, at the followlng p aces: First Ward-- E. B. Norrls' office, Hu ron Kt. Second Ward- Bënz's liverv atable Ashley st. 'riiii'il Wartf- Basement eonrt house. Pourth ard- Fii-ouiuu's hall. Kilt li Ward- Engine houee. Sixth Ward- Enyine house. Suventb Ward- Weinberg-'s shop s Statest Each wai'd wijl be entitk-d to ihe l'oHowinir ïunibei' of delegates: h'irst Ward 8 Pifth Ward . t jeeond Ward JO Sixth Ward 6 L'hird Ward In Seventh Ward i Kourth Ward (I liy order of the Democratie ('iiv Cnmmtttoo CiiRirman. Secret ary.