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No Cure No Pay Note

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Another case of signiug a $100 "no cure 110 pay" note has come to light in Justice Duffy's court. This time it is another pretended traveling doctor and the victiui oí this pretended skill is a JJodi farmer, who was only made worse by the pretended course of treatment. It is to be hoped that the publicity given these cases will induce jur citizens will turn a deaf ear to all snch quacks hereafter. It may safely be set down that skillful physiciaus can make enough money by locating at one place. Jnstice Duffy's most important occupation at present is fllling his stoves with wood and incidentally taking care of the little business which ventures in during this cold weather. In Dne case, the plea filed Monday morning by Blum & Aurey, the defendants attorneys indicates th t wheu the case is up for trial there will be a hot time, no matter what the weather may be. The case was commenced by the Indianapolis Medical Surgical Institute on auoteof $100 giveu by John George Braun, of Lodi. The company's attorueys are Lehman Bros. & Stivers. The chief part of the defendauts plea filed iu this case is as follbws : "Plaintiff's agent represented to the defendant that he was a doctor and that he could cure said defendant if he would take a course of treatment with hiin, and that this defendant conld give him, said agent, his note in payment, which note was to be cancelled upon plaintiff's failure to cure this defendant. This defendant relying upon and believing said plaintiff's agent took the course of treatment prescribed by the said plaintiff's agent and carefully and f aithfully carried out the directions of said plaintiff's agent, but said defendant has not been cured or even benefitted by said course of treatment and that said plaintiff's ageut well kuew that the said agent could not cure said defendant and that said plaintiff has failed and neglected to fulflll their said promises made by their said agent with this defendant. That this defendant will insist in his defense that the plaintiff's right to recover on said note is barred, under section 2287b5 of Howell's Annotated Statutes. " The case was set for trial nest Monday. Two men on their way to Hamburg :o help cut ice were belated in the city )f Aiiu Arbor aud came under the catagory of drank 011 the streets and received 10 days free board at the Hotel de Gillen. They are registered among he guests as Edward Brandon and William Remington. Asa Nash, a blacksmith was charged with pounding his wife Sunday Che couple live at the corner of East Ann and Fifth ave. Justice Duffy said the penalty would be $5 and costs or 30 days ifi jail and the fine will nrobablv be naid durins the dav. Fred Proctor. charged with stealing a sweater and a pair of slippers from a waiter in the Portland Cafe wat arrested iu Detroit Satnrday evening. tfonday morning he pleaded not gnilty and the case was adjourned to Feb. 82. 3e admita hts has the articles bnt claims ie was using thein with the owners permission and that it is a misunderstanding which has cansed him to be charged with larceny.