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The Hand That Feeds

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éé MMMMHMiHHpr pointed Statements to Men } ff Family Telling Ttent How tê 6ir " Successfully Combat Catarrh. LjjfS llF A TvMII ï n' SËM IREADMILL Í?2íÍwOÍnk. anti " grindstone " describe the routine Uf 5r 8in}5w SV I ' t'1 mel1 wno proride for the fainüy. f 'SswRövVjU B With health they keep the home goingbut i mWmYwM. 11 L disease bxings disaster, f U ESVmmvÏ ''i Catarrhal diseases, beginningf K Plüfflly ):== witíi some slight cold, make tbo --1 WlWutfd " There isn't time or money to give 11 CSrL Sjnfrmjn! ,M_ atiention to a little catarr)i in th S " ï! ÍbP VÜV1- ailhead. When it reaches the lungs or gl xE SSSr wÈ kidneys it alarms, but they do not L ' "A nmlíuM' ''f'jS know'it is the same catarrh for it is 3B)l sJHWmluk' SJt' Ë !S callei something else. These conBvifL fl fc-n(KflW' 1.C ■ JBT' ditions are ;ill around is: ainuof S' y!sll l( iwBwO BLvvE mechanics, business men, farmers, 3 j ]f PixilMBriWI clerks, book-keepers or railroad I Ij (rrfiipA 'J To all these the blessiags of ) -"v I iv IlinNV'' Pe-ru-na are partioularly grateful. 9 f I w ) II i ?v l_ ' Pe-ru-na is purely vegetable. For S ( I l XH Xl kiaS over forty years it has been bucjL . I IIIIJ "- . yjíízcessfuliyattacking and overcoming Br Jvv_fcS- ll t'dn s ase( ou accurate science. 3LBFY_ ■ wrltes -the f ollowing letter: srgIPf?N -a Zr. 6". 7?. Hartman, Columbas, O. ■a5ar Dear -"I can't praise Pe-ra-na enough. I 'jSBÖH Pyyf- willsoon be se venty-three years old and have good health after I was nearlVHeád: No doctor could help me, and no medicine until I tooki Pe-ru-na. The flrst bottle helped me. Pe-ru-na saved my life." Don't let catarrh make headway. Meet its attack at the outstart. All nnatural discharges are caused by catarrh. Write to the Pe-ru-na Medicine Cd., Columbus, O., for Dr. Hartman"s latest book; on chronic catarrh. All druggists sell Pe-ru-na. '. - . i ' '"-, ' .