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Gen. George Spalding

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The name of Gen. George Spaldiug, the present congressman iiom tbis district, was sent to the senate Wednesday by President McKinley as postinaster. of Monroe. The appoiutment at the present time comes as a surprise to the politicians as it had been understoĆ³d that the terra of Pcfstraaster Crarnpton wonld not expire for several months yet and that the appointment would be made after Congressman Henry C Smith had taken possession of the congressional seat and migbt hare something to say about the appointtnent. The Washington correspondents say that the appointrnent was bronght abont by the Michigan senators witb the consent of the congressman elect. Congressional committeeman Helber last evening expressed surprise over the nomination and gave expression to his disgust of what he termed the hoggishness of the Spalding family. This sudden appointment is stirring up. the Ypsilauti candidates for the postoffice and fear is expressed in certaiii quarters that Spalding will attempt to flll that office before his term as congressraan expires even though Postmaster Bogardus, wiio bas made a very acceptable postmaster, has a number of months of his term left yet. A Ypsilanti politiciau in the city today says there are more postoffice candidates in that city than there are hairs on a dog's back and that if Gen. Spalding sees fit to niake au appointment, the present register of deeds, George Cook, will not have as mucb of a cinch as he might were the appoiutment left for the congressman -elect to make.