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A Hot Time In A Bath Tub

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Capt. Schuil is very fond of a bo' bath, especially when the thermometer ie below zero. Last Sunday he plannec to have a good one, as & sort of a pre liruinary to the coming Bryan reception. He got into the tub bot by mistake only turned on the steaming hot water. It struck his broken right fooi but did not stop with that. Now the celerity of the captains' movements and the contortions he went through with in vacating that tub wonld causo the professional gymnast to turn green with envy. He sells sewiug machines and was until he broke his foot a good deal of an expert in paddling a maohne. But since breaking his foot he las not been able to tread the machine t all until since his Turkish bath of ast Sunday. He is now able, howver, to tread or to sell a good sewing rnachinine competition with cheapest r to make a good machine out of any ld thing. Now is your time to place an order 'or monumental or other cemetery work o insure setting early in the spring efore Decoration Day, Cali and exinine stock on hand and look over my atelv reeeived modern rlnKicna Anu Arbor Electric Granite Works.