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Fire At Whitmore Lake

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The Depot Burned with All Its Contents

Monday afternoon at 7 o'clock the Ann Arbor Railroad depot was destroyed by fire and for a while owing to the high winds the residence of Mrs. Maria Stevens and Frank Roper were in danger. The agent had gone to supper and the night operator had not gone on duty when the fire broke out and the only thing saved was a trunk and valise. H. L. Dodge & Son had $300 worth of goods destroyed and Pray Brothers lost about $25. There was $20 in cash in the ticket office till which was burned along with all the records.

The fire started from a defective flue and burned so fiercely that within an hour it was reduced to a heap of ashes. The silver in the cash drawer of agent F. C. Ferry was melted. The loss of the money will be an individual one to Mr. Perry. A traveling man who had placed his grip in the office, when the alarm was given, rushed to the station grasped the signal pole, broke the window and fished out his grip. Another traveling man had his sample case outside of the baggage room, the agent not having placed it inside and it was saved. it was valued at $400. The first notice that Operator Elliot, at the Ann Arbor depot, had of there being anything out of the way, was that he could not get any answer to his calls north of the Miller ave. office. The section hands got the wires in position so that after the fire through connection was re-established. Yesterday boxcar No. 837 was placed in position to serve as an office. It was fitted up with a desk and stove and a telegraph instrument. The wiring necessary was done by Torn McGrail, the chief electrician of the road. The road has not yet fully decided on their plans of rebuilding this depot.