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Thawiug out water pipes by electricity in Anu Arbor is proviug a great success. After much trouble Dr. Á. K. Hale president of the water eorupauy secnred the necessary apparatns aud yesterday President Hale aud Supt. Stevens of the Ann Arbor Electric Co; commenced their experiments. They first thawed out two service pipes very successfnlly aud theu 550 feet of mains on Lawreuce st. The apparatus although very efïective is not perfect. Dr. Hale terms what has been done siraply an experiment. Tomorrow service pipes on Liberty st. are to be opened. Only 50 volts of electricity are used. This new plan of thawing the ice in water pipes was first tried iu Madison, Wis., and is proviug a great suocess everywhere. The electricity generates euough heat to melt the ice and effects a very great saving in expense.