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A Finely Illustrated Lecture

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The lecture of Rev. F. A. Strongh at the Presbyterian church last evening, illustrated by stereopticon views, was interesting. It was given for the benefit of the Y. M. C. A. I was attended by a small, but appreciative audience. First was shown a photograph of the church in Aim Arbor, then the Michigau Central depot in this city. From there the audieuce was taken on an imaginary journey tbrongh places of historical interest iu the United States, Porto Riuo, Cuba and the Philippines. There were pictures of war ships, of héroes oíd and new, magnificent views of battle fieldsand other points, Especially interestiug was the reudering of the songs "Marching thro' Georgia" and "Tenting on the Old Camp Grouud," whioh a male quartet sang while the scènes on the screen were shifted to snit the words. The audience joined in the singing of "America while the last picture, a beautiful American fla , was displayed. The Aun Arbor post office received today the first money order issued at Placetas, Ctiba. It is worded in English and Spauish and printed on pink paper. The genial good-matnred (fat people are always good natured) Oapt. E. P. Allen was an Argns visitor lasst - day. He liad just returned from a trip to Milán, where he went to meet sorue parties for the purpose of completing the right (í way of the ïpsilantiSalino Electric railroad. The captain accornplished the object óf his visit and aowhe says the road is a sure go. He is inclined to thiiik, in view of the advantages sure to accrue to the good people of Ypsilauti from the projected road, they will be willing as an act of pure benevolence to build a spur from their line to Aun Arbor.