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Our Auction Was A Success

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You make the price on Saturday, March 18th f rom i o'clock to 5 p. m. I will sell any article n my store, a few of which I wül name below. CARRIAGES AND WAGONS American Wheel Cultivators, American Disc Harrows, Gale Culti vators and Disc Harrows, Qale Spring and Spike Tooth Harrows, i=horse Steel Cultivators, different styles; the Celebrated Gale, Burch and Wiard Plows, Platform Scales, etc. In fact everything found in a complete stock of implements. TERMS : Sumsunder $5.00, cash; over that amount three month's ;ime with approved notes at 6 per cent. interest. It will pay every farmer in Washtenaw Couuty to attend this sale as this s the first opportunity they have ever had to buy the latest improved mplements fresh from the factory at their own price. HENRY RICHARDS, 117 East Washington. Agent fop Dearing Binders and Mowers. Ann Arbor, Mich.