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The Snow King Reigns

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    The snow storm from Saturday nigbt to Sunday morning came somewhat as a surprise to every one. although it had been predicted in the weather reports. It started to snow Saturday afternoon and kept on snowing steadily until Sunday morning. A little over six inches fell into the mud. A strong wind was blowing from the north causing the snow to drift ou the east and west streets, making them impassible. Doctors, who had country practice, could not leave the city and those in the city attended their patients on foot. The city snow plows were very slow in getting around and some streets were not cleaned until the afternoon. Horses gave out and new teams had to be engaged. The milkmen supplying the city customers had great difficulty in getting into the city and reported drifts up to their horses shoulders. On some routes the men and horses became so exhausted that the men had to turn about before every one was served.

    The railroad companies had a battle with the elements and used great exertions to keep their trains running. The Michigan Central on account of its large traffic had the least trouble and its trains were on time. The Ann Arbor passenger trains Monday were on time. The freight trains were all double headers and in going through Ann Arbor an extra engine was required. The section men worked over time and kept the track in good condition. The electric road ran on time between here and Ypsilanti but had great difficulty further east. The first three runs of the morning were made by double cars. The city line was abandoned until late in the afternoon, when O. E. Godfrey with four horses attached to a scraper cleaned the tracks.

    Reports from the various churches show the morning attendance to have been small. At the 7 :30 o'clock service at St. Andrews Episcopal church, there was only a half dozen. The 10:30 service was much better attended. At Zion church there was an attendance of 90 and 88 children were at the Sunday school. At Bethlehem church 70 were out and 98 at the Sunday school. At the M. E. church 90 were at the morning service and 100 at the Sunday school. The St. Thomas Catholic church was the only one in the city that did not show a heavy falling off in its congregation owing to the weather.