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ÍN'T BLIND. ïhere's Ko Need to iu Aun Arbor- The Way is Ainiost Bertged withGuide Posts. Have you erer read a newepupt'r arricie, aglowing accouutof some - cident; told in elusive words to lead you on, and found it ended wlth a proprietary medicine advertisomentV Slade you mad, did'ntit? And you were convinced of the merit of that article? We think not, because it told you the experience of some stranger in a farWaay town; to take hls word for It was like "going it blind " It's a very different thtng when a statement is prescribed from a citizen. From peojle we know and that's tho oase hcre. Mrs. John Kuebler, of 212 Miller ave., says: "Some time ago Icaught a fievere cold which settled iu my back; and kidneys and brought on au attack of lntnbago or backache . There was a constaut, heavy dnll achiug paiu across my loius. It was paiufnl for me to stoop or lift anything. I could not rest comfortablc at night and always lelt tired and aürefreshed in the morning. I was generally run dowu and Jangnid. Having seen Doan's Kidney Pilis advertised and recommended so higbly I went to Eberbach & Son's drug store and got a box. I did not take all of them before I was cnred jiud I have had uo return of the trouble since. I glady recommeud their ose to others. " Doan's Kidney Pilis are for sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents per box. Sent by mail on receipt of price by Mil burn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. Hole agents for the U. S. . Kemember the name Doau's aud take no other. BUTTER COLOR By the Ounce or Gallon. THE BEST THAT'S MADE OR YOUR MONEY RETURN ED. Mann's Drug Store, 213 S. Maia St., ANN ARBOR, - MICHIGAN. Ij QO TO : : : ïj MANLY'S [ COHFECTIONERYJano GAFE I FOK il Foreignjand] Domestic Fruits, 8 'X Fine Confectioneries, j Ice Cream, Cigars, Tobáceos, il jj FineMeals, 25 Cents 8 2 u Open Day and Night. Imi: ,beos„ miEwi J 114 E. Huron St. 2 M Telephone, New State 31H. Q i THE COUQH niXTURE. hat leaves our place in a season would make a good sized river. That is a prooi qi lts popilarity. And that it is effeotive in curlug the mo6t stubborn coush or wardinsr ofï ;i oold iE beyond the possibility of doubt, 'l'housands of relieved sulterers eau testify to its wondertul powera. Don't let a cough or cold K-et a grip now and perhaps hang on all winter Take a bottle of our White Pine Couph Cure We have a stock of puro and fresh Drugs and a thoroughly efficiënt Prescriptipn Department. Brown's Drug Store C. H. St. CLAIR, SECOND HAND GOODS. Ooods of all doscriptiona bought and sold. l'urniture and Stoves Eepairod. 3o9-3n N. Fourth Ave. - Ann Arbor.