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Chosen by the Michigan Democracy to Lead in the Coming Election.


Silver To Be Legal Tender for All Debts. Whenever Contracted--Declaration on Trusts the Other Notable Features of the Platform--Candidates for Regents--Texas Senate Has Some Trouble Indorsing Bailey on the Joe Wheeler Question.

Kalamazoo, Mich., March 9. - Thomas E. Barkworth, a leading attorney of Jackson, was nominated yesterday afternoon by the Democratic state convention for justice of the supreme court. He received. 452 of the 772 votes cast on the first ballot, and it was made unanimous. The contest was wholly between Barkworth and ex-Justice Allan B. Morse, the four other candidates having withdrawn before the first ballot was completed. Prior to the convention It was asserted - and denied - that Judge Morse's sympathies in the last presidential campaign were with the gold Standard Democracy, and this is believed to have affected the result. All the elements of silver fusion were well represented among the delegates, and the nominations for regents of the state university were given to Edward F. Lagendre, Democrat, of Calumet, and Stanley E. Parkhill, Populist, of Owosso.

Whtting's Blast Against Trusts. Hon. Justin R. Whiting, of St. Clair, late fusion candidate for governor, was the temporary chairman. His address was a strongly put argument for free silver, an arraignment of Republican policies, and condemnation of trusts and combines. He said in part: "For centuries man in his savage state exercised unrestrained license, until there developed an appreciation of the rights of man. Individual and human government was formed to restrain license and establish liberty, until today highway robbery hostile to public sentiment. And yet today a process more refined but none the less cruel is actually in daily practice by the rich and powerful in this country, and their practices are sanctioned by executive officials of this government. Is the mission of the Democratic party ended while the spirit of spoliation and plunder possesses the government? No, my friends. Not only the greed of our people but an organized greed, backed by the money tyrants of the Old World, are today intent on getting such control at the coming national election as to make the mastery over the productive power an easy task."

Resolutions for Radical Free Silver. Ex-Judge John Miner, of Detroit, was made permanent chairman. 'The report of the resolutions committee was greatly delayed by discussion of a resolution offered by Fred A. Baker, of Detroit, indorsing the Hill amendment to the Chicago platform to the effect that the free coinage of silver at the rate of 16 to 1 should not apply to existing contracts. This amendment was presented to the convention as a minority report and was tabled. The resolutions as adopted reaffirm the Chicago platform, protest against the retirement of the treasury notes, denounce trusts, demand an amendment to the constitution making an income tax possible and favor equal taxation of all property in the state; declare for disposition of the colonies for the best interests of the American people, protest against a large standing army and praise the service of the army and navy; congratulate the party on having the leadership of Col. Bryan.

Declaration Against Trusts. The plank upon trusts says: "We believe the greatest menace at the present time to American civilization and to the industries and political liberty of the people consists in the growing tendency to place the business of the country in the hands of combinations and trusts; and we denounce the gold trust, money trust, sugar trust, oil trust, match trust, tobacco trust and every other trust having for its object the control of production and prices; and we submit as our candid opinion and deliberate judgment that a graduated federal and state income tax would furnish effective means of suppressing trusts. We request immediate passage of an income tax measure by the state legislature."