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Indorsement Of Bailey

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Ausin, Tex., March 9. - The senate of the Texas legislautre yesterday had the livAlest kind of a row over the consideration of the house resolution indorsir.g Representative Bailey in his action ir. fighting against seating of JoeWheeler in congress, adopted by the state assembly Monday. An attempt was made to kill the resolution by it to a committee, which was defeated by a close vote - 13 to 14. An amendment was then adopted provlding that the adoption of the resolution should not be construed as a reflection on Representative Joe Wheeler. An amendment setting forth that the adoption of the resolution should not be considered as allying the Texas senate to Bailey's support for United States senator two years henee was voteddown by the close vote of 13 to 14. After much speechmaking, during' which senators expressed themselves as opposed to "Bailey-worship" in any suchmarked manner, the friends of the resolution managed to get it adopted by a hurried vica voca vote, thus ending the controversy.