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Ducks And Chickens

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A duck and chicken departrnent has been added to George Haminond's celebrated Simocolon stock farm located a few railes south of Ypsilanti. Ie will be put in charge of Clyde Tucker and it is expected that a fortooe will be realized by its projector. The inention is to raise yotmg ducks and hickens for the markets. ïvvo acres of ground have been 'enced in for this department in the enter of which a long low building of vood has been erected. The first floor s.devoted to the "living rooms" of the )irds, wbile the incubators are on the econd floor. The capacity of tht iunbators is 90 eggs, and they ave contantly filled. Chickens are hatched n 21 days and ducks in 28. The chickens are killed at the end of 2 weeks and the ducks at the end of 0 weeks. They are carefully fed and ared for in tbe meantirne and bring 'ancy prices in the markets. The nucleus of the bird farm cousists f 275 Plymouth Rock hens and 50 mperial Pecan ducks, and they keep be iucubators supplied with eggs.