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The Only Finnish Lawyer

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A Visit From a U. of M. Law Who Enjoys That Honor.

O. J. Larson, '94 Law, of Calumet, Mich., arrived in the city yesterday afternoon on a business trip. Soon after his graduation Mr. Larson was elected prosecuting attorney of Keweenaw County, and last fall he was elected to the same position in Houghton County. Mr. Larson is a Finnlander, his parents having moved to this country when he was 4 years old. His ability to speak the Finnish language has brought him business from all over the country, since he enjoys the unique distinction of being the only Finnish lawyer in Michigan, if not in the United States. He is deeply interested in the outcome of the difficulties that the Finlanders are now having with the Czar, who has threatened to abrogate their rights with the view of making them as thoroughly Russian as possible. For years Finland has been practically free, enjoying about the same position with reference to Russia that Canada did toward England. If the Czar carries out his threats, Finland will be reduced to the position that Poland held in former years. One hope for leniency on the part of the Czar, comes from the fact that the Russian navy is dependant almost entirely on the Finns for their best seamen. But in the Czar'a designs upon Finland many seethe beginings of a movement that is calculated to bring Sweden and Norway as well under Russian rule. There are thousands of Finns in the Upper Peninsula all of whom are watching eagerly the troubles of their two and one-half million brethren in their old homes across the sea. Mr. Larson left this afternoon for Lansing and from there will return home.