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M. J. Cavanaugh Has Accepted

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It appears from a letter received yesterday af ternoon by M. J. Cavanaugü, that the democratie judical oommittee had a meeting in Detroit last night and after considering all the oircnmstances in the case declined to accept the resignation oí' Mr. Cavanaugh as the democratie caudidate for circuit jndge. The coinmittee decides that he must stick. The letter reads as follows: 'Detroit, Mich. , March 15, 1899. "Hou. M. J. Oavanaugh, "Ann Arbor, Mich. ■'Dear Sir - :Your l2tter of declination of the democratie nomiuation for circuit judge of the 22d judicial district was duly received_and bas had careful consideratiou by the cominittee. "Wc havo also a petitiou addressed to the coinmittee, aud sigued by E. G. Manu, H. D. Merithew. George Wahr and a bundred other democrats of Washteuaw, requesting us for the good of the'party to refuse to accept yourdeclinatiou. They at the same time deinand of yon that for party reasons yon niake the canvass. " The'petition is as follows: "To the Democratie Judicial Committee, 22d judicial District : "We the uudersigned democrats of the 22d judicial district, believing it would be a grave error and most harmful to the party organization for you to accept the declination of Hon. M. J Cavanaugh as our caudidate for circuit judge after his uuanimons nomiuation by the conventiou. reqnest you to refuse to accept the same and at the same time we demand of him that for the sake of the canse he shall make the eanvass. " "In view of these f acts and the very geueral satisfaction with which your uornination bas been received iu Monroe well as in your own county, we feel that we cannot accept your declination. We believe under the circamstanoes it is au obligatiou you owe the party aud yourself as well to make the cauvass even thongh it be at a considerable personal sacrifice. While urgiug this course upon you, we will do everything in our power to aid yotir cause and bring your canvass to a successful issue. ''The above conclusions were arrived at at a meeting of the eommittee held in the city of Detroit on the above date. "Respectfnlly yours, "E. R. GILDAY, "J. M. BR AUN, "O. H. CALDWELL." Mr. Cavauaugh was seen by an Argus reporter in reference tojthe aetiou of the judicial committee duriug the afteruoon and in response to the query of what he would do with the refusal of the committee to accept his resignationsaid: "I declined the nomination at Monore ad again, after thinking over the matter farther, by letter. I meant what I said, but the committee have seen fit to iusist that I shall make the ruu and that I owe a duty to the party to make the run whether I may be elected or defeated. I do uot feel like putting my individual judgment against that of the democracy of the district. Averse as I have been for business reasous to make this rnu, I have concluded to bow to the will of the party and under the circumstances feel that 1 have a right to ask my f riends and all democrats to see that this short campaign shall not result iu a'nything which will iujure my future. If elected I shall endeavor to administer justice fairly and impartially betweeu all claiinanti. "