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The expenditures of the 55th congress...

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The expenditures of the 55Ü1 congress amount to L20 a head for every man, woman and child in the United States. But for the fact that our tariff scheme compels the foreigner to pay this, it would constitute a considerable burden. Strange isn't it that that long suffering foreigner does not get onto our sharp practice and retalíate ? There were only eight men present at the convention to nomínate a populist state ticket and yet these eight men will increase the cost of the tickets at the election all over the state by causing them to be made wider, while depriving three or four thousand voters of any influence whatever upon the elections. Looking at it from one point of view such conventions are rediculous. Dorsey Hoppe, the democratie nominee for county school commissioner, is a native Washtenawian of Germán extraction. He was bred on a farm in Sylvan township near Chelsea and brought up in the district schools. He received his preparation for the university in the Chelsea high school. He is a gradúate of the literary department of the of M. and has had several years experience in teaching. Last fall he was elected county surveyor. At the present time he is filling a temporary vacancy in the principalship of the West Bay City high school. He is a young man of much promise and if elected will make a first class commissioner.