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Whitmore Lake

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Doúge & Lemon are filliug their i, house with 16 inch ice. w Michael Ryar, has leased the ym B. Rane farm fcr three years. H. G. Beach has a crew TOr, ■ the Spring Lake ice pknHnd Te8 pects to run ice in them yet. Died at Whitmore Lake March 12 at 4 o'clock a. m. Misa Matie Spiegelberg aged 28 toneral on luesday at fh 7 h. ohurchat 10:80 a. m. Revs. PieS aud íormer pastor, Gibson Hicks of Dexter, occupyiug the pulpit, ihe chnrchwas inadequate to accoumio date the large throug which couSM gated to pay their last respecta to ou of Northfleld's favorite daughters. George Rauschen berger has a ]areft miin-ber of Ann Artor -mechamos at work on his building as The Eberbach Hardware Co. aro puttim, steel ilingsaiíd sides in his saloou under the directioii of Ernest Dieterle assisted by Frank Feiner and it is the rnost elabórate aüd complete, niorrocco design, ever put up iu Washtenaw conuty, Ex-Ald. Osear O, Sorg is doiug the decorating which issimply daa7.1ing. John Kenny is putting in ■, new system of plmnbiug and Titos Hutezl is putting in a Acteliue gas generator while O. D. Moore is doiug the carpenter work. A Detroit firu is putting in a uew and complete back bar witb all the modern fixtures aud without exaggeration Mr. Rauschenberger has one of the most bandsome bars in the county.