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Two Bold Robbers

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The quiet of S. Divison st. was Friay night broken by a high hamled ontage. . It was a robbery and assanlt ccuning right iii the heart of the esident portion of the city, that will jring home to every one the possibility f being themselves the victima at uother time. Mrs. C. K. McGee, of 3ackard st. , with lier father Henry M. 3ranch, and her eight year oíd son ere returning from the supper at the ongregational church. This was aout 8 :45 o'clock. In passing the iome of Mrs. Ohhnger, No. 435 S. Mvision st. , they noticed two men ome out of the hall, leaving the door pen. One of the men had an overoat on his arm. Mrs. McGee overleard a remark that, "there was a iretty nice hall. " This aroused her u&picions and she rang the door bell vhich was answered by Mrs. Ohlinger u person. Mrs. McGeo asked if there ïad been an overcoat on tl e hall rack, hat she had seen two men come out of ie house with an overcoat. Mrs. Ohlinger called her son wüo ran after ie men. His ruother followed and a ;udent in the house also helpcd in the hase. Mr. Branch folio wed too. The larties were soon eaught and the overoat recovered. Mrs. McGee had recogized one of the thieves as Charles Eines. He seemed very much intoxcated. Mrs. McGee then eutered J. . Goodyear's home to telephone the ail. While she was in the house her lather, Mr. Brauch, was standing on ie porch. Hines and Frank Hill the ther man, carne back and attacked Mr. 5ranch, who is 70 years of age. They erked him down the steps and Charles lines kicked him in the groin, chargng him with informing on them. harles Hines fiad his coat and vest ff, and wanted to fight. When they uv Mrs. McGee #they allowed her 'ather to get np and be lecl home by his righteued danghter. With the disriptiou given, Deputy Sheriff Kelsey nd Offlcer Isbell soon found Charles iines standing at the corner of Whad ams, Ryan & Reule's store and arr ested him. Marshal Sweet heard of ie outrage and be this morniug huried to the home of Frank Hill, known s "Hnmpy Hill;" and urre.steil him lere Frank Hill, will be remembered, as ie man who was married here Feb. 5 to a young woraan who had a hus)and at the time in Jackson. He was hï ed up for the occasion and looked o spruce and natty that his olcl friends ould uot have recognized him. He aid, referring to his past pólice reord to the marshal: "Yon never will lave a chance to catch me again. I lave turned over a new leaf, have a osiion in Toledo and will try to raake good man out of myself. ' ' Evidently lis new leaf did not stay turned over ong. Charles Hines bas just returued 'rom a term in the Detroit house of orrection for stealing a harness from lis father. Hines and Hill were arraigned be'ore Justice Duffy this afternoou on he charge of larceny under $25, They ilead uot guilty and their trial was set or next Monday. The charge for asault is a separate one and may be rought later.