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Peach Prospects

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From the Crop Beport of the Secretary of State, issued March 8, we extract the following reports of tvvo Aun Arbor fruit giowers : W. F. Bird, Anu Arbor - Peach buds are killed with rare exceptions; some live buds in favorect situations bnt uot enongh to cali a crop. The trees, however, are in good coudition in well treated orchards; some trees that were not well attended to or f or some reasou lack vitality, are killed. Raspberries are injured eorne and blackberries badly. Wood and tiuds of apples in prime conditiou, plnms, cherries and grapes seeru all right, but strawberries are injured some. Many cases of frozen potatoes reported, enough no donbt to effect the snpply next spring. Jacob Ganzhorn, Ann Arbor - On elevated lands I fiud enough live peach buds to ruake a fair crop of peaches. Vitalit? of yonng peach trees not injured. Cherries, plurns, quinces, grapes and smuïl fruit all right. Pears, a light crop on account of heavy crops last year. Apples at the morcy of coddliug moth and scab, so caunot astimate crop till June.