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W. Judson's Answer

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Ex-Sheriff Williain Judson and exDeputy SherifE Lester Caniield today filed their plea in the damage case agaiust them bronght for false imprisonrnent by Selby A. Moran, the redoubtable editor of the Register and demaiid a. trial. They also serve noioe tbat "the defendant Lester Oaufielcl will give in evidence in his defense nnder the general issue pleaded tbat throughout the transactions Lalleged against him in the declaratiou in this canse he aeted as deputy sheriff of the conuty of Washtenaw vinder the authority ad by virtue of a certain capias and respoudendnm issued out of ,ind tinder the seal of said court on April 1, 1898, in a certain cause wherein said William Judson was plaintiff and the said Selby A. Moran was defendant directed to the sheriff of said couuty commanding him to take said defendant if found in his bailiwick aud keep him in custody until he should be discharged according to law and that he, the said defendaut Canfield, was justifled by law in whatever acts be performed in relation to the tran setions alleged in said defendants' declaration. "The defendant, William Jndson, wiil give in evidence in his defense nnder the general issue above pleaded that hé laid before two attorneys at law in good standing, who had beeu empluyed as liis couusel for that purpose) f uil and fair statement of the facts relevant to the transactions alleged in said declaratiou and acted honestly and in good faith upon the advice given him by his said counsel in every step taken in reiation to the act charged in said declaration ; that if my writ was illegally directed to the sheriff of aid county for service it was so directed by the advice under the instraction of his said counsel and not by any act or request of this defendant. "