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He Declines To Run

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Martin J. Cavanaugh, wbo was averse to takiug the democratie nomination for circuit judge at the judicial conveution over which he presided at Monroe, has finally decided that his business iiiterests are not such as to justify his taking the nomination aud has concluded to withdraw from the ticket. He has so informed the judicial committee. Mr. Cavauaugh's nominatiou was well received aud the fact developed that he had many frierids. But he has been building up too good a practice to allow himself at this time to be drawn iuto politics His letter is as follo'ws: To the Democratie Judicial Committee of the 22d Judicial Circuit. Gentlemen : Having so unexectedly reoived the nominatiou for circuit judgp at Monroe on Friday, without any solicitation on my part and against my wishes and best judgment, and after returning to my home and having an opportunity to consider the matter, I fiud that my business demands are such that it :,'ill be impossible for me to accept the nomination. The high honor which my frieuds have seeu fit to confer upon me is duly appreciated, and I 'fcincerely regret that circumstances are such as to require my withdrawal. I am very sincerely,