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Cyreuus A. Mapes, of Lansing, one of the chief proiuoters of the Lausiug, Dexter & Aun Arbor railway, is authority for the statement that the new road will be completed by Sept. 1, aud that work ou the liue will corumence as soon as the frost is out of the grouud. The uew liue will come to this city froin Dester by way of the Miller are. roate s the grade is thoughtj to be less by that route. ' -The mouey for the uew route has been secured aud ├▒othiug uow remaius to be done but to build it. It will opeu up a route to several very pretty lakes which will become popular with our citizeus as surnmer resorts aud it will also make it much easier for our Dexter frieuds to visit tis aud for us to return the visits.