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Endorsed By The Governor

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West Virginia' s chicf magistrale recommends Pe-ru-na, the National Catarrh Remedv and Ncrve Tonic. fFgiPRESENTATIVE MEN II Hl aie slw speak for publication. This is beJMWrf cause the ir intluence is so great. The endorseI -sSr meu Governors, Senators and Congressmen Ibbm guarantees nierit. Public words of praise from I fL sueh prominent ofBcials must be based ou positivo B knowledge. The reeog-nition which the catarrh remedy xHBl X'e-ru-na is constantly reeeiving by men of national iija fame is Tery Among recent letters from VuMX persons of eminence is the following from Governor gaBk Atkinson of West Virginia. The governor says: J JL"PPP. Chableston, West Va., March 9, 1898. jg{ilgK The Pe-ru-na Medicine Co., Coiumbus, O. efiPlsSsPS & Gentlemen: - " I can recommend your prejÊÊWÈl seription Pe-ru-na as a tonic. lts reputation vSnffl as a cure or catarrh is excellent, it having M been used by a number of people known to a ufrn 9 me with the very best results." XA-i y( V)t fx Catarrh is tlie national disease. Not Ê0?bA jHW The seareh for relief and cure is con2Épjl M stant. Experiments of all kinds are 2JÍÍÉ Jfcilllwí continually made without result for X%0t jBft Ignoran ce of the causes and jiéÉÊÊÊMm füt K' . nature of catarrh is universal. Catarrh IS lmi-6Wm Bg!. is elusivo, persistent, penetratingf. It %Êk WmËfamÊRMë WÊÊm may e?:ist in an oran of the hodyMM FYÍmj}' For this llatiollal malady there exists AS TT 7 0 ' the national scicntific remedy Pe-ru-na 'P' J$? which for forty years has been doinga - sS grand work. Gov. G. W. Atkinson Pe-ru-na is the unflinching foe of of v est ïrsmia. catarrh and overcomes it wherever it may exist. It is the prescription of Dr. Hartman, President of the Surgical Hotel, Coiumbus, O., who gives personal attention, without charge, to a voluminous correspondence on the subject of catarrhal di.seases. Dr. Hartman's books on catarrh are mailed on applics,tion, AU drugg-ists sell Pe-ru-na.