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The Lady Macgabees

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The Lady Macgabees

Gratifying Growth of the Order.

An Immense Amount of Business Done in the Office of the Great Record Keeper Here.

The Order of the Ladies of the Maccabees is a most worthy one and is constantly extending its membership and business. Its management in this city is in the right hands to insure progress and development. Great Record Keeper Emma E. Bower is an enthusiastic Maccabee and a thoroughly efficient business woman. Early in February she filed with Insurance Commissioner Milo D. Campbell, her report of the order for the year ending Dec. 31, 1898. On Monday of this week she received from Mr. Campbell her authority allowing the order to do business in Michigan. Some of the figures of this report are most interesting and gives a comprehensive idea of the large amount of business which passes through Miss Bower's hands as secretary of the order. They are as follows: Number of members Dec. 31, 1898, 40,366; money received in assessments, $183,076.24; receipts from other sources, $69,418.62; disbursed to pay death claims. $168,850; disbursed disability claim, s $35;77, other disbursements, $27,716.57.

The Lady Maccabbee, the monthly organ of the order, edited by Secretary Emma E. Bower, has a circulation of more than 44,000. The expense of running this paper during the year 1898, footed up $4,068.61.

Few of our people right here at home have any idea of the immensity of this fraternal benefit association or the amount of money it disburses in our city in the carrying on of its business. The postage alone averages more than $150 per month. The secretary keeps six young employed constantly. Miss Bower dictates to her two stenographers more than one hundred letters a day. The office is a model of neatness, order and systematic work. It is a pleasure to witness the quiet but rapid dispatch of business there.

From the secretary's annual report to the commissioner of insurance it appears that the order is doing a great good not only in payment of death and disability claims but in a social way as well. Miss Emma E. Bower is emphatically the right person for the place she occupies. She is now serving her sixth year as Great Record Keeper. We congratulate the order on having so effecient and capable a person in the responsible position of secretary and bespeak for its continued success.