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G. Luck For Mayor

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Gottlob Luiok for mayor, Thomas A. Bogle for president of the council, Henry D. Merrithew for clerk, Herroan Hutzel for assessor, William G. Doty for jnstice of the peace. Snoh was the ticket nominated by the dernocratc city conventionThursday evening. William Herz, chairraan of the city tommittee called the convention to rader and on motion of E. B. Norris, M. J. Cavanaugb was made chairrnan. William A. Gwinner was selected for secretary on motion of Heury Mentb, bnt declined to accept and W. H. Butler I was made secretary. On motion of Jobn L. Duffy the following were selected: Oredentiiils- B. F. Watts, T. h Hutzel, Eichard Kearns, Moses Seabolt, James Boyle, John L. Dniïy, L. ï. Limperfi. Permanent ürganization and Order of Business - William G. Doty, John Koch, John Gillen, Artbur Brown, eorge Spathelf, John L. Duffy, Dr. Jobn Kapp. A recess of 10 minutes was taken, after which the committee on credeutials reported 111 delegates presentjeu Titled to seats. The temporary organizatiun was made permanent andÖid W. Millard and William Merrithew -were selected as tellers. Upon the cali óf the roll of wards, Gottlob Lnick was presented for the Qomination in a neat speech and the nomination was made by acclammatiou amid enthnsiasm. Arthur Brown presented the name Prof. Thomas A. Bogle for president of the council. The name was received ■with applaose and he was nominated nader a suspension of the rules. A surprise party developed in the contest on clerk. Ou the cali of the roll of wards, James R. Bach's name was presented and the roll cali closed with no other name presented. Wm. Merrithew arose and objected to a unanimous nomiuatiou as his son was a í-andidate. Dr. John Kapp then preeutecl the name of H. D. Merrithew and the ballot resulted : Merrithew 54, Bach 52. On the cali of the roll fcr assessor Wm. Herz presented the name of Herman Hutzel and D. A Hammond that of Charles H. Manly. The ballot resnlted: Hulzel 61, Manly 44, Blank 1. On the cali of the roll for justice, the .First ward presented the name of .William G. Doty and the Fourth ward that of Michael Seery. D. Cramer arose and presented his own name in a aeatly worded speech. The ballot resulted Doty 58, Seery 32, Cramer 9, Oesterlin 1. Blank 2. After some disínssion Mr. Doty was also put on for justice for the short term. The chairmen of the various ward committees were made the city committee wnich is thus constituted: M. C. Peterson, S. W. Millard, W. H. Mclntyre, Moses Seabolt, C. H. Manly, lï. B. Norris and L. T. Limpert. Henry Meuth closed the convention ït moving to adjourn. The democratie ward caucuses were held Tuesday evening. The atiendance was generally nofc large although good feeling was everywhere manife.sted and hopefnlnéss as to the result of the eampaigns, The caucusess resulted as follows: FIRST WAKD. W. G. Doty was charinau and S. W. Beakes secretary. M. C. Peterson and Morgan O'Brien were made tellers. Affer the officers were sworn in James Kearns was unanimously uomiated for npervisor, John Lindeuschmitt or alderman and M. C. Peterson for constable. KEOOND WAKD. William Herz was made chairman and John Walz, jr., secretary. Au tuaepected little contest evolved for alderman. John Koch was renominated, rceiving 22 votes to 19 for Emannel Schneider. Sid W. Millard declined a reuomination for supervisor and an informal ballot resulted: Engene Oesterlin !), William Herz 8. Emauuel Schneider 8, Charles Binder ;;, S. W. Millard 2, scattering 2. Most of those voted for were not candidates and before the second ballob was ;ounted, Emauuel Schneider was nomuated by acclamation. Paul Schall Mas neminated for constable. TliriíD WARD. The coutcst in this ward was over alderman. Johu Gillen was chairman of fche caucus und O. J. Snyder secretary. Clinton J. Snyder was uomiuated for supervisor. For alderman the iall resnlted William Rohde 25, Richard Kearns 31, imd Mr. Rohde was nominated. Marvin Davenport was uomiuated for constable. Ward Cortmrittee - W. H. Mcintyre, C. J. Snyder, John Kuebler. KOUIITH 1VAKI). Henry Meutb was chairman of this caucns and Artbur Brown, secretary. A ballot was taken for supervisor whioh resuJted: William Kennedy 24, Joseph Donufilly 9, Moses Seabolt 3, norainating Mr. Kennedy. For alderman Andrew Muehlig was nominated by acclamation and Theobold Martin for constable. Ward committee - Moses Seabolt, D. Crainer, Arthur Brown. FlFTH WARD. A quiet caucns was beid resulting in the renomination of James Bolye for supervisor, George Spathelf for alderman and Rudolph Kern for constable. Ward committee - C. H. Manly, Oscar Spafford, J. MoNaliy. i-ilXTIÏ WAKD. E. B. Norris presided over the deliberations in this ward and H. D. Merthew was secretary. Hudson T. Morton was nominated for supervisor, W. D. Harriman for alderman and William Jolly for constable. Ward committee - E. B. Norris, H. D. Merrithew, John L. Duffy. SEVENNH WARD. D. A. Hammond was chairman of the caucus and L. T. Limpert secretary. The following ward ticket was nomiuated: Supervisor Qeorge Hempl, aldermau Albert Teufel. constable George Frey. Ward committee - L. T. Limpert, Wil! Morton, Dr. J. Kapp.