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A Spider's Industry

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S. J. Beardsley, the brooin roaiinfacturer, has made some very interesting observations oí a spider which traVeled with him last year. Mr. Beardsley travels arouud the country delivering his broo'us. The spider accompanied him last year spuii a web in his wagon. Sometimes the spider wonld extend this as far as the horses. Wheu the thread was broken, tbe spider would renew it again. When the web became dirty, the spider wonld cat oiit the edges of the web and repletes the threads witb a fresii web. Sometimes the spider would disappear 'ov three or four days when it wonld ppeái ugain witb a nice fresh striped ress. Mr. Beardsley of ten found the ld shells of the spider lying iu his vagou. He is anxicus to see if the pider will shew up again this year. Ie traveled many hnndreds of miles vatching the iudustrious little creature veaving its webb.