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With His Feet Frozen

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Marshal Hixon, of Ypsilanti, today brought a young uegro boy named Fred Harper to the homeopathie hospital in this city. He was found naktd iu a straw stack this rnorning half frozeu. His feet and ankles are badly torn and he has lost much blood. He says that he veas driveu out of his home last night by his adopted father William Boone and with 110 elothing ou bufc a light shirt and that he ran for miles untilhe feli and then dragged himself to a straw stack, where he tried to cover himself. He was acensed by his adopted f'athef .of having improper relations witfc a daughter, whiofa he denies. He does not charge that he was ejected but was afraid that the father was after him with a revolver. He is gettiug along uicely at the hospital and will recover.