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Ernest Maim, superintendent of the American Radiator Oo. , Detroit branch, was iu the city Friday for un hour. 3e is largelv iuterested iu the marl jeds at Zukey Lake. He was very noncommital as to the plans of himself ind Titus F. Hutzel. So mach, however, was learued that Detroit capitalsts are looking into the dei osit at the ake and tbat within 10 days some decisive move may be rnade. He feels very enthusiastic about the ontlook. He feels that the deposit controlled by Mr. Hutzel and himself is of great valne as it is so deep and covers so ruach ground. A factory with 300 barrels a day capacity will not exhaust it in several geuerations. Of all the deposits of marl found in Michigan that at Zukey Lake is among the best, bcing so very thick. In other words it is almost inexhaustible The capitalists who are looking vip the investment, are men who, if convinced 1hat the marl is wliat Messrs. Hutzel & Mann kuow that it is, will not hesitate to invest all the money necessary to develop the industry. It will not be very long before something can be said upon the future definite plans of Messrs. Hutzel & Mann. Iu tbis connection the following telegram f rom Mniiith iu Satnrday Free Press rnay be of interesst: "It is reported that a firm knowii as tbe Michigan Portland Cement Oo. has contracted for about 1,000 acres around Portage Lake and will establish a branch factory at that place. It will also build a private railroad from Grass Lake to Munitb. Several investigations have beeu made. Large deposits of marl of superior quality are found in the bottom of rhe lake. The land surroucding tbe lake also coDtains large deposits oi'jjthe material. Many farmers are disposing of their farms at fabalous prices. Thos. Raidy sold his portion of the lake and his farm for 15,000. It is estimated that there is 175,000 vporth of marl under Thomas Raidy's farm Ewliiuh in some places comes within a few inohes of the surface.