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Among the many progressiv.e, enterprislug and cfóusequenüy strong nstitutions in which óur State takes a pardonablè pride. none is more wortliy of special mentlon than the Michigan Mutiuil Life Insurahce Cömpany, whose principal offices are at Detroit. The animal statement of the Company. oovering its wói'k lor 1SS)S, has jvist been issuod. and every line and in f bears out this assertion. A few items f'roin tlie report wlll fully Ilústrate tlie gi-owtb and strong charaeter of this popular assoeiation. Í is total income during the year just past was over olie million tliree hundred and eigbty thousand dollars, of whicb upwards of oue million dollars were received in premiums on life Insurance, il paid death claims aggregating over two hundrod and elghty-six tl:onsaud dollars; it. paid endowments a.mounting to over two hundred and sixty thousand dollars; it paid surrender values aggregating over tlnrty-two thousand dollars, an: it distributed to policy holders dividends amounting to over forty-flve tliousand dollars. The total amount paid to its policy holders by the Company. was over six hundred anc twenty-ftve thousand dollars, and it total disbursements were over one million dollats. The assets of the Michigan Mutua! fjife Insurance Company aro now over five million nine hundred thousand dollars. It has a reserve fuñí of over live million fonr Imndred am' fifty thousand dollars: and dedueting a few small items of death claims nol due, unpaid dividends. etc, its gross surplus according to the Michlgai standard was over four hundred an twenty thonsand dollars. During the year this Company is sued three thousand three hundrec and fifty-five policios, covering lifi and endowment Insurance to tin amount of over seven million dol lars. At the close of the year it lic riftoen thousand eight hundred anc twenty-two policies in force, repre sentiiïg over twenty-niue million niiu Imndred thousand dollars in insur anee. Since its organizatíon it has paid out tE policy holders over seveu million six hundred and ninety t'hou sand dollars. The inere stalement of these figures speafes volumes for the stability 01 this well-known organization, and tes litios in the most unmistiikahle man ner to tlie enterprise and etticioncy o: its board of otticers. At thfi head of Ihis board, wliere he has been liep For many years. is Mr. O. Ii. Looker io whom no small portion of the cred it lor tbis present tnagniücent show insr is due. Mi'. Iooker is thoroughh vevaeê n the business of life insur anee, and his ability and energy hav been potent factors in extending tli Unes of the assoeiation. The other of ficers and director of this strong company are knowii as the most suc cessful professional and business men in Michigan. lts board of mana gers is adirittedly one of the most ef licient body of men in any compacj in the United States. The Michigan Mutual I-ife Insur anee Company. which now does a business extending all over the country, deserves if extensive and rapidly growlng patronage. To the generai public it presents the very strongest inducemeiKs for business, but to the Pople of Michigan it appeals with "lill more force. It is a home institution. r-onducted by our friends and neifrhbors. in which local pride shofild and dots take extreme interest. Everybody should cai'ry life insuriince. Everybody should seek the company which is tlie most liberal and at the same rime is strong enough to carry out its ptomises. And when the people of Michigan find i company which offers all these gunran(ies. and at the same time Is a home company, theré can be no quostion as to their preferences should go. I'atrouize yötu home concern, is a maxim of practical policy as well as of proper sentiment. We need not spend words in urging our readers who have not. as yet insured their Uves to no so al once. But íve adviso all not to íüsure nntil they see tlie polieies ssiied ly ihe Michigan Mutiuil Life Insurance Conipany. These policies are non-forfeitable. and theif valuf n pnid-up Insurance is expressly stated in each policy. They lioulcl write at onc-e to the Michigan Mutual Life Insurance Company. wlioso heád office is at "ino Jefferao'n avenue, Detroit, for full information ■■ uardin.s its plans of insurance. They nnnot (ïo bet ter tlian enter into rela:o:is with a eompany wlioae standing in the business world is a guaranty of safety. Kberal ti-eatment and the greatest savins in net eost to the assured.