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HIDDEN FOES. Spanish bushwhackers, in the o u war, covered themselves with paWïT leaves, and, so disguised, lurked [aran L H, bushes undetected by the America oh v-M' WmW %7áIV thrwn off" a Wiw iJwA may "ow , cold which voii cannot throw off. Then you have taken the first steps in a path that ends in con sumptiou. Thegreat protection against that hidden foe, disease, is Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It protects the vulnerabl points, the stomaeh,, liver and blood When the blood is in a healthy condition disease germs cannot find any permanent lodgement. When the stomaeh is sound and stroug the life is sound and stronï also. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis covery is not only the best medicine for impure blood, weak nerves, weak lunes and weak stomaeh, but is a strictly temper anee preparation. No alcohol or whiskv in it. No syrup or sugar either. Still it retains lts curative powers perfectly in anv chmate. Dr. Pierce invites you to counsel with him by letter free of all cost. He ha treated and cured thousands of cases many of them doubtless just like yours' It costs you nothing to lay your case beforè him. Write to-day. Address Dr R V Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y. ' Mr. Charles A. Moore, of Fivemile, Mason Co W. Va., writes: "I had been afflicted with lunir trouble f9r two years. I tried all the surrounf ing physicians but they did me no good. Afler a long period I bought your ' Golden Medical Discovery,' and after taking four botües I was en tirely cured. I nowfeelstrongerthan I ever did." Constipation, the cause of so many dis. eases, is . quickly cured by Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They regúlate and strengthen the stomaeh, liver and bowels. Accept no substitute. JAS. R. BACH, Real Estáte Bought, Scid, Rented and Exchanged, Special attention given to care oí property. Lawrence Block. State 'Phone-470. ANN ARBOR, fUCH. JOflN R. MINER, GENERAL INSURANCE I Fire, Life, Píate Glass and Boiler, ## Lawrence Block. Phone 470. KOAL M. STAEBLER, 19 W. Wash ingtcn St. Phone No. 8 piRE INSURANCE. CHBISTOM MACK, igeat íor the foUowing Fíibi CiasB Companit rep resentí ng over twenf.y-eig-ht Million Dollar ABeets, isBuec poliolen at the lowmtiatM -■■- p Etna of Hartford $9,192,644.00 Franklin of Phila 3,118,713,00 Germaaia of N. Y 2,700,729.00 American of N.Y. 4,065,968.00 London Assurance, Lond'n 1,416,788.00 Michigan F. & M., Detroit 287,608.09 N. Y. ünderwriters, N. Y. 2,596,679.00 National, Hartford 1,774,505.00 Phenix, N. Y 3,759,036.00 ■#■#... fr"Speeial atteDtion given to the lnsnranoe o lwelllngs, schools, churcnes and public bufldingi 9nnROf threfl Kttd flv taatk Blue Streak, The new ammunition of war, is the most effective insect nnd parasite destróyer produced today. It is the oQost economical and effective insect killer ou the market. To be used with iand atomizers, sprayers or sprinklinff Mt. Our line is complete in the line of insecticides as Blue Vitriol Kerosene Emulsión Insect Powtler Londou Purple Paris Green HeHebore Dalmation.. EBEBBACI I SOI DRUGGISTS, 112 S. Main St. Ann Arbor. CHAS. ZUBN, DEALER IN FRESH AND SALT MEATS AND BALOGNA. 113 E Washingtou St. J Freá Hoelzíej DEALER IN Meats, Sausages, Oysters and Market Goods. orter Huuse and Sirloln S teaka a Speclalty WASHINGTON MARKET.