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The Chicory Company

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Ou Saturday afternoon the incorporation papers of the Ann Arbor Chicory Co. were prepared and signed in thf directors room of the Stato. Savings Bauk. The capital of the companj will be '$17,000 all paid iu, dividet asfolows: Jacob Laubengayer, $6,500 "John Heirizmann, $6,000; W. J. Booth, $2,000; William Arnold f 1,000; J. F. Lawrence, $500; Jnhn Walz, jr., $500; T. D. Kearney, $500. The papers have been sent to the seeretary of state. Upon their returu the stockhulders will meet aud elect dirrectors aud effect an orgauization. The factory aud receiviug station will be located on Jjanbengayer fe Heiuzmau's property near their elevator, from wiiich the necessary power will be furuished. The coiupany is now rt-.ady to close coutracts with farmers for acreage. A little circular with directions how to grow chicory has beeu issued and says: "To grow good chicory requives a black sandy cJay loara. Land sho'uld be plowcd from 7 to 8 inches deep. Roll land with light roller before sowing. Sow, the eliicory from May 15 to June 1. Sow in drills 12 inches apart, thin it ont to 6 inches in the row. "Chicory does not reqnire rnuch cultivating, keep the weeds out and the chicory will take care of itself. Sow Ij' to 2 pouuds seed to the acre."